Best Tuesday Ever

Ok, maybe not the best tuesday in the history of tuesdays, but today was pretty wonderful! Nothing special happened or took place, but my Rhem is back to her bubbly self. She had ZERO tantrums and just full of joy. It was wonderful. She started out her morning laughing and being goofy. Played well with the daycare kids, ate her lunch awesomely, made jokes and sang herself to sleep for nap. Woke up from nap giggly and hyper. Skipped around the house, followed by crawling on the floor meowing like a kitty. We headed out to the mall where she stole my chicken sandwich for dinner, then pushed her stroller around the mall following mowmmy (her word for mommy) and daddy. Played peek a boo in one of the changing rooms. Came home and helped daddy let the dogs out. Went upstairs and brushed her teeth, twice. Then yelled, “Goodnight Mowmmy! I love you!” and went off to bed. Best. Girl. EVER. (i only have a few more days that I can get away saying that! πŸ˜‰ )

Just her being in such a great mood, made this normally boring day wonderful. The amount of love I have for her is insane. I just wanted to cuddle her all day and give her anything she wanted because she was just so perfect. ahh. (ok, I think I bragged enough about her haha)
IMG_5764 IMG_5770 IMG_5774 IMG_5775 IMG_5783 IMG_5785 IMG_5795 IMG_5809 IMG_5812 IMG_5818 IMG_5822 IMG_5824 IMG_5827 IMG_5834 IMG_5843 IMG_5852 IMG_5863 IMG_5883
(39 1/2 weeks)

Well it is getting late, so I should head off to bed. Tomorrow is another day of work, with snow on the way. Thankfully I just bought some more hot cocoa mix yesterday! πŸ™‚


Case of Mondays

This weekend was relaxed, but kinda lame. We hung around the house on Saturday & Sunday. The only thing we really accomplished was hanging up our t.v. on a wall mount, and reorganized/cleaned up. Sunday evening our friends Bay and Luke came over to give us some baby gifts, and we drank some of my famous hot chocolate and tried to dance this baby out. Of course, this little stubborn girl didn’t budge. Oh well.

Since Bay and Luke came over for a few hours before heading back to Ames, we let Rhem stay up late. My hopes were that she would sleep in today. Not so much. She woke up at her normal time, and boy was she cranky! She spent most of her morning throwing one fit after another. By time I served lunch she was to exhausted to eat, so I put her straight down for nap. She slept for 3 glorious hours. I was excited for her to wake up in a delightful mood… instead she was hungry, but was so mad that she was hungry it took 30 minutes of screaming before she finally settled down to eat her lunch. Got to love the toddler stage. After she finallyΒ ate her lunch, she was my happy, hilarious girl I know and love. She even told me she needed to use the potty!

I am exhausted, as usual. I am not sleeping very well at night, due to restless legs, not being able to sleep comfortably on my side, and a toddler who suddenly thinks she needs to wake up twice every. single. night. I am hoping once baby gets here, I will be able to get comfortable at night and pick up a few more hours a night than what I am getting right now. Thankfully I am already 39 1/2 weeks, so baby will be here soon! I have my next appointment on Thursday, hopefully I am more dilated and baby comes soon on her own, otherwise we will be discussing a date to be induced. Either way, baby should be here within the next 2 weeks. To say I am excited is an understatement.

Due to the many tantrums/ being extremely exhausted I have no pictures to post today. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some cute pictures to share.

Well now it is time for some family relaxing and then I see an early bed time for this mama.

The waiting game

Well I went to the doctors appointment. I am still at 2cm, but she said my cervix is extremely soft, so she stirred things up, and thinks this should help throw me into labor soon! I did some walking, trying to get contractions going, but not much happened. Still holding out hope for this weekend.

Well I decided I should post what I am packing for the hospital. Disclaimer: I tend to be an over packer, but I am ok with that! πŸ™‚

My Bag.
IMG_5729 IMG_5730
Pajamas, a few comfy sweat pants, a few loose shirts and camys, and a nursing sports bra.

IMG_5732Β Make up, toothbrush & paste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, hair stuff. IMG_5733 Depends (instead of using the horrible giant pads, that can get twisted, depends are just easier to use for pp bleeding) , shower shoes, and nursing covers, in case I feel self conscious πŸ˜‰IMG_5735 Big & Little sister outfits for pictures. IMG_5739

Chargers, computer, (not shown is camera & phone)IMG_5740

Swaddle blankets for baby at night as well as pictures. (the hospital provides blankets, but these ones are stretchy and easier to use)IMG_5741
and last, some notebooks that have all my daycare kids parents phone numbers in, as well as our name options.

With my first, I also brought dvds, and music… I never used them. However, some people may love listening to music, so to each their own. Also, we were induced with our first and were there for 20 hours so dvds could have come in handy, but I opted for cable channels the hospital provided, since we don’t have cable at home πŸ™‚ Other suggest change for hubby to get snack food, or bring snacks for them… again my husband never ate in the delivery room, because he felt bad that I couldn’t eat anything and I was starving! So instead he went and picked up food for himself and ate it in the car since we weren’t going anywhere soon.

Baby’s Bag.
IMG_5742 IMG_5744 Onesies, pants, and pajamas. Looks like a lot (because it is) but with Rhem, she soaked through one out fit while in the hospital, and spit up on two others, and we were only there for 1 day with her. So I packed a little heavy this time on clothes, especially since I may have to stay for at least 2 days, since I am group B positive this time around.IMG_5745
Socks for feet and hands in case she has long finger nails. We don’t want a scratched up face! πŸ™‚

Some cozy little jackets since it is winter here in iowa. (which means between below zero and 20 degrees)IMG_5747
Items for baby pictures at hospital. Elephant, purple & pink cloth diaper, blankets, and headbands. Most hospitals offer next day pictures, that are very professional. It is a good idea to bring blankets or stuffed animals for the pictures. And I like the look of cloth diapers more than the free pampers diapers the hospital offers!IMG_5748
and a boppy pillow. Some women hate these, I love it! It helped so much with nursing and daddy loved using it to cuddle with baby for long periods of time, without his arms getting exhausted. (funny how a little baby can make your arms go numb fast lol)

I also have a little baby brush, and some nipple cream not shown in picture.

I packed one other bag, which is just filled with books, dolls, and toys for when Rhem is at the hospital, so she doesn’t get to bored/frustrated.

Alright, well off to bed.

Playing catch up

More catching up.

Well, we got a washing machine on sunday evening all set up, so I spent Monday doing lots and lots of laundry! (i still have a couple loads to do. sigh.)

Love me some fresh clothes!

Anyways, besides spending this week doing laundry, I have also been waiting for this baby to make her appearance. Knowing she will be here very soon, we wanted to take Rhem out on a mommy & daddy date. We chose to go to chuckie cheese, and she had a blast! I loved watching her play and people watch. She sure has become adventurous.
IMG_5651 IMG_5654 IMG_5656 IMG_5665 IMG_5681 IMG_5693 IMG_5694 IMG_5695 IMG_5703 IMG_5704

This week I have spent nap time enjoying my favorite t.v. show, while sipping on some delicious coffee and peanut butter and banana toast. Mmm.
Well todays plan is to clean the house all up, finish laundry, and make sure everything I want to take to the hospital is packed. This evening I have my 39 weeks check up, which they plan to check me and strip me to try to get things going! We are hoping to have baby this weekend, but as I am aware, baby will come when baby is ready, which could be another 2 or 3 weeks, but definitely hoping for this weekend. Tired of the nights filled with leg cramps, contractions, and being unable to find a comfortable sleeping position! Last night I had many dreams of giving birth and imaging what/who she will look like. I am so excited to meet her and love on her! I just hope Rhem adjusts nicely to having to share mommy and daddy. I know she’ll be a great big sister, and I am so excited to take many pictures of them two together!

Well I am off to start this day and get things done! Hopefully I will be posting this weekend with pictures of our newest family member! πŸ™‚

(38 weeks. I’ll try to post another picture later today showing me at 39 weeks)IMG_5724
Love when daycare parents bring donuts to share for breakfast. The way to a pregnant woman’s heart. πŸ˜‰ (who am I kidding, I love donuts rather if I am pregnant or not)


quick update

Well it has been almost a week since I have updated. Still no baby, just been busy and exhausted lately! Well this entry won’t have any pictures, just wanted to give a quick update, and possibly will post another update later tonight with pictures.

Well, on Friday marked 38 weeks of pregnancy. Still having contractions throughout the day, some are strong, some are weak but frequent. Baby apparently is just cozy, however she still is constantly jabbing me like she is uncomfortable, which makes me uncomfortable! I do love being pregnant though! Just getting very excited to meet this little bundle of love! (I’m holding out hope she’ll be on the small/average size, and not a monster! haha)

Rhem continues to amaze me everyday. We have been working on trying to get her to learn to spell her name (since she is really good at saying letters) and I realized I am really bad at trying to write left handed! (She is left handed and every time we spell her name out loud I try to show her how to write it) She finally is getting good at picking up after herself as well. Now I just say it is time to do something, and she immediately starts to put her toys away without being asked. So wonderful. This past week she had LOTS of tantrums throughout the day, about absolutely nothing, making me wonder if she is starting to get her two year old molars in. (she was always a monster whenever she was teething)

PJ has today off so he is currently working on the bathroom. Last night he was able to move the toilet to its new location, and he just now took out the old vanity. Today his plans are to prime and finishing painting that main wall, and hopefully he can put the new vanity in very soon! (today would be wonderful, but i doubt it will happen today) After the vanity is put in, we can start hanging the mirror and lights, then put up the towel racks and decorations and will be at a stopping point! The last thing will be putting new trim and blinds up, but we need to wait for tax returns to buy those.

In other news, we got a new washer last night! I can finally start doing laundry in our own house again, and hopefully get back to cloth diapering! Just hoping this washer last us for a while. (we have bought two washers in the last year… both broke within 6 months of use. so frustrating… but that is what you get when you buy off craigslist.)

Well that is my update, I am off to try out our new (used) washer, get this kiddos some lunch!


Worn out and it’s only Tuesday

Alright, so let’s go back to Sunday night.
1:00am: I was woke up with very uncomfortable cramps and contractions that caused me to get out of bed and walk around for about an hour, they finally started to go away so I laid back down to go to sleep.

6:00am: on Monday I woke up with contractions about 7-10 minutes apart. I finally dragged my self out of bed at 6:30 and headed downstairs to get ready to start the day. All day I had contractions come and go… none were really strong and some were lasting only 20 seconds while others lasted around a minute.

4:00pm: (TMI) I felt a little trickle of liquid, so I went to the bathroom to see if my water broken, but beside as small wet spot, there was nothing else.

5:00pm: I called my midwives to ask what they thought, and she informed me I was Group B Positive, so I needed to come in to get checked just in case i had a tear in my amniotic sack. She allowed us to go walking for an hour first to see if I could get the contractions going stronger and closer together, so that if it was torn, labor would be started instead of waiting at the hospital forever trying to get labor going. An hour later my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart lasting anywhere between 30 seconds and a minute. Some were a bit more painful than others, but I was able to still walk/talk through the contractions so I knew they weren’t as strong as they should be. We dropped of Rhem and headed to the hospital anyways to see if we were having a baby.

7:45pm: we arrived at the hospital. We were immideatly told to head up to the birthing center to get check. The nurse came in, asked me 100 questions, (ok, maybe less) had me fill out some paper work, did a swab, check my cervix, (still only 2cm, sigh.) and put me on the monitors to keep track of baby’s heart beat and my contractions. She then left the room to take the swab to the lab to wait for results to see if we could head home or if we were having a baby.

9:45pm: Nurse FINALLY comes back to tell us the water did not break, so she was going to write up discharge papers so we could leave.

10:15pm: Nurse FINALLY comes back to discharge us… at this point I had already taken all of the monitors off me and got dressed again. I was so annoyed with how long it took just to say we were free to leave.

11:00pm: we finally arrived home after picking up Rhem from Nana and Papa’s. Contractions were still 5 minutes apart, I was worn out. All three of us headed off to bed, only to be woken up at 4am by little Rhem wanting mom to hold her. 30 minutes later she finally fell back to sleep.

Oh my word. I am so exhausted. Hoping the 3 toddlers I have today decide to be well behaved, I need a break. Every day for the past week or so I have been so ready to go into labor and have this baby, now I just want a whole day of sleep before pushing another child out. Unfortunately that is not going to happen… but here’s to hoping for a good nap and night of sleep!


Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday with my little lady. We slept in again today. (YAY!) We made it to church, late, but we made it! After church we headed back home to play and make lunch! Rhem has been such a joy lately and so full of energy. She absolutely LOVES books, so we did lots of reading, took some pictures, and played with our crazy pups. She now is napping while I wait for PJ to get home for drill while watching the bachelor. Girls be crazy. haha

Obviously no baby today. I have come to terms with the fact she’ll get here when she is ready (even if that means coming next weekend when Nana is in California, or during the week causing mom and dad to loose more work! No matter what day it is, we both will be filled with joy to finally welcome her!) I have an appointment on Wednesday, so hopefully I have made some more progress!

Well tonight I am making some homemade Pizza, and we are staying in and watching Revenge. LOVE this show. πŸ™‚ I think tonight is a perfect night for some hot cocoa as well! πŸ™‚

IMG_5441 IMG_5524
(gots to hide the lady parts πŸ˜‰ )


Just my girl and me.

Well, still no baby yet. We have done a lot of walking, which has resulted in LOTS of contractions, some mild, some strong, but nothing consistent. This weekend my husband has drill, so Rhem got mom time today. She was so full of energy and joy, with very minimal tantrums. It was a wonderful day. For the first time in a very long time, she let me sleep in! After waking up we got ready and went to visit Nana and Papa at their store. After chatting and hanging out for a while we headed to the mall to do some walking. An hour later contractions were coming on stronger and stronger, so we headed home to keep track and see if labor was beginning. In stead the contractions completely stopped. I tried to get Rhem down for a nap (as well as myself) but after an hour I called quits because she was still so full of energy. Once I got up the contractions started up again, but only about 3-5 an hour, and not very strong. I am hoping that they continue and brings on labor tomorrow, I am really hoping to go into labor on a weekend, so that I don’t have to close the daycare for too many days/ PJ having to miss too many days of work. I am just so antsy! I have decided I think the main reason I am so antsy this time, is because I feel like I have been pregnant forever. And in reality I have been pregnant for over a year now. We go pregnant in September 2011, miscarried in November 2011. Got pregnant in December 2011, and miscarried in January 2012… that miscarriage took almost 2 months to fully miscarry, and so we got pregnant again in May 2012… so since September 2011 I have been waiting to make Rhem a big sister, and we are now in January of 2013! I am just ready to meet her, and see that she is perfect and here. We have been waiting and praying like crazy for her, and I am definitely ready. Car seat was installed yesterday, bags are completely packed. Just waiting for her. I really hope she doesn’t make me wait till pass her due date. That would just be torture. haha It has been snowing out, I mean how much perfect could it be? Baby born on a snowy saturday night… come on kid! πŸ™‚

Well back to focusing on my beautiful girl that I already have…

Sleeping beauty πŸ™‚

practing her yoga moves!
She LOVES her new back pack!
Eating some cereal while watching cartoons
Gosh, I love her.

Rhem’s vocabulary impresses me every day, I love the little girl she is becoming. Yes, she can throw horrible tantrums, and has trouble listening, but she is not even two yet. And more times than not she has a very sweet nature and loves cuddling and loving on her mama and dad! She brings me so much joy and laughter and cannot imagine my life without her. She definitely has brought my husband and I closer together, and makes our life complete. We love you baby girl.


Quiet day

Nothing too exciting to report today. I actually had a pretty good night of sleep, but still woke up feeling so exhausted. The 3 kiddos were in a great mood today, so that made my day easier definitely. After work we went to the mall to get some serious walking done, had some pretty nice strong contractions, but again, nothing consistent or note worthy. I am getting so antsy! I cannot wait to see what she looks like! I am assuming she will be Rhem’s little twin, but there is always that chance she will look more like her daddy and not just like her mommy & Rhem. I know other people are antsy to find out her name. We have had the first name picked out since we found out we were pregnant, however I cannot settle on a middle name, so I plan on waiting till she is born to pick her middle name(s). In good news, the heartburn has seem to go away! (knock on wood)

Well, that’s all for this entry. Off to bed I go!


Wednesday and check up

Just another week of work. The “big kids” all went back to preschool/kindergarten so I only have 3-4 kids a day instead of 7. You would think that less kids would make it easier, but having the big kids around to help me with the toddlers was nice! The past few days have been filled of changing diapers, making snacks & lunch, watching toddlers run around and play with trains and blocks, as well as listening to the same annoying little kid songs over and over and over again. It hasn’t been bad, but boy am I exhausted and I still have two days left of this week! And husband has drill this weekend, so it will just be me and the babes.

Today I had an OB appointment to check up and see how lil babes is doing. She sounds great and seems to be head down! I was checked and already 1 1/2 cm! I know to many that would seem like nothing, because some women can be at a 2 or 3 cm for a couple weeks before going into labor, but I wasn’t a 1 1/2 with Rhem until I was 40 weeks… so being 36 1/2 weeks and at a 1 1/2cm gets me excited and thinks this little one really will be here sooner than later! It would be AWESOME if I could go into labor this weekend, otherwise I hope she waits until I am 39 weeks because my mom is heading out of town next week and she is suppose to watch Rhem while I push out the newest member. Either way I am definitely ready for her arrival, and even though the days seem to be dragging, I know she will be here soon enough. Last night I had a dream that I gave birth to twin girls… which then changed to me giving birth to two kittens… haha Oh, pregnancy dreams.

Rhem seems to be getting smart every single day. It amazes me how much she pays attention to and catches on too. I have been working with saying her alphabet as well as working on some letters, so I haven’t really been pushing numbers or colors. However, the other day out of know where she counted to 4 by herself. I just looked at her with my jaw dropped, wondering when she learned that. Then last night she handed PJ a yellow crayon and said, “Yellow!” So now she knows the colors yellow and blue! So proud of my little girl. She also is making more short sentences. Every time she asks for juice or milk I ask her to say, “Mommy, can I have more milk please?” and she usually replies with, “Mommy, please.” but today she said, “Mommy, more milk please?” Ahh I love it. I love watching her grow, but at the same time it makes me sad knowing truly how fast kids grow up. Makes me even more excited though to home school my kids, so I know I have many more years ahead watching them learn new things every day.

Well I am off to do more birthing ball exercises, then off to bed!


(Rhem loves her crazy dogs!)