(Garlic & butter noodles with tomatoes, peas, and corn bread)



(Cheese Pizza, Cheddar & Broccoli Rice, Peaches)

Thursday & Friday

I am exhausted! Some doing with having 7 kids this week, instead of the typical 3-4, as well as the lack of sleep I am getting at night due to being uncomfortable and constant urge to pee. (tmi? πŸ™‚ )

Today I sewed up some little bags to keep diapers, wet wipes, onesies, etc. in to put in the diaper bag to help keep things organized. Also, I made some delicious oatmeal cookies. I came upon a recipe while readingΒ  BleuBirdVintage Blog. Rhem and I loved them!

Today I am 36 weeks, I have been having contractions through out the day, and they are starting to get a little stronger than the ones I have been having throughout the week, but still not note worthy. I am hoping this means baby will be here in the next couple weeks! I am so excited to meet her. I plan to do some more walking tonight so hopefully we get this baby ready for her appearance…. rather it be next week, or in 4 weeks. Either way she is almost here! Ahhh!

Tonight I am going to try to get some pictures taken, and tomorrow my friend Baylee is going to take some family pictures as well! In a kinda related news, Rhem has become OBSESSED with my camera. I think I am going to have a little photographer on my hands! Might need to start looking into a cheap kid camera for her to play with! She already knows how to take pictures on my Canon. Too smart for her own good. πŸ™‚


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