Our first weekend of 2013

The first weekend of the new year was a success. Friday night I barley got any sleep, so once Rhem woke up Saturday morning, my wonderful husband took her down stairs to get her dressed and run some errands while momma was able to catch up on sleep. (I cannot sleep during the night, but for some reason can sleep great during the day haha) When I woke up, I was greeted by a wonderful man with donuts and coffee. Mmm. He spent a little time working in the bathroom and on his truck, while I cleaned up a little and set up the house for a photoshoot. We took a few pictures, but Rhem was ready for nap so it didn’t go as well as hoped, but we got some cute pictures! Later that night we went to the mall to do some walking and bought a shirt for PJ to wear for our first family photos as a family of 4. 🙂 We headed home and watched a few movies together and headed to bed late. Sunday morning we slept in, headed off the church (a little late), went for lunch, then headed back home for naps. PJ was able to put the first coat of our new paint color on the walls, IT LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER ALREADY, we still have one wall to put a first coat on then we should need one more coat and pretty much be done with the painting! Next step will be fixing the plumbing a little so we can move the toilet and put the new vanity in! Ahh it is so close I can taste it! (hmm I don’t think the phrase works to well when talking about a bathroom… hehe) After naps we went grocery shopping and got some delicious chinese to take home for dinner. We also got to watch one of our favorite shows, Revenge. It has been a pretty successful weekend in my books! Hoping baby arrives next week! We are ready!




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