Just my girl and me.

Well, still no baby yet. We have done a lot of walking, which has resulted in LOTS of contractions, some mild, some strong, but nothing consistent. This weekend my husband has drill, so Rhem got mom time today. She was so full of energy and joy, with very minimal tantrums. It was a wonderful day. For the first time in a very long time, she let me sleep in! After waking up we got ready and went to visit Nana and Papa at their store. After chatting and hanging out for a while we headed to the mall to do some walking. An hour later contractions were coming on stronger and stronger, so we headed home to keep track and see if labor was beginning. In stead the contractions completely stopped. I tried to get Rhem down for a nap (as well as myself) but after an hour I called quits because she was still so full of energy. Once I got up the contractions started up again, but only about 3-5 an hour, and not very strong. I am hoping that they continue and brings on labor tomorrow, I am really hoping to go into labor on a weekend, so that I don’t have to close the daycare for too many days/ PJ having to miss too many days of work. I am just so antsy! I have decided I think the main reason I am so antsy this time, is because I feel like I have been pregnant forever. And in reality I have been pregnant for over a year now. We go pregnant in September 2011, miscarried in November 2011. Got pregnant in December 2011, and miscarried in January 2012… that miscarriage took almost 2 months to fully miscarry, and so we got pregnant again in May 2012… so since September 2011 I have been waiting to make Rhem a big sister, and we are now in January of 2013! I am just ready to meet her, and see that she is perfect and here. We have been waiting and praying like crazy for her, and I am definitely ready. Car seat was installed yesterday, bags are completely packed. Just waiting for her. I really hope she doesn’t make me wait till pass her due date. That would just be torture. haha It has been snowing out, I mean how much perfect could it be? Baby born on a snowy saturday night… come on kid! 🙂

Well back to focusing on my beautiful girl that I already have…

Sleeping beauty 🙂

practing her yoga moves!
She LOVES her new back pack!
Eating some cereal while watching cartoons
Gosh, I love her.

Rhem’s vocabulary impresses me every day, I love the little girl she is becoming. Yes, she can throw horrible tantrums, and has trouble listening, but she is not even two yet. And more times than not she has a very sweet nature and loves cuddling and loving on her mama and dad! She brings me so much joy and laughter and cannot imagine my life without her. She definitely has brought my husband and I closer together, and makes our life complete. We love you baby girl.



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