Worn out and it’s only Tuesday

Alright, so let’s go back to Sunday night.
1:00am: I was woke up with very uncomfortable cramps and contractions that caused me to get out of bed and walk around for about an hour, they finally started to go away so I laid back down to go to sleep.

6:00am: on Monday I woke up with contractions about 7-10 minutes apart. I finally dragged my self out of bed at 6:30 and headed downstairs to get ready to start the day. All day I had contractions come and go… none were really strong and some were lasting only 20 seconds while others lasted around a minute.

4:00pm: (TMI) I felt a little trickle of liquid, so I went to the bathroom to see if my water broken, but beside as small wet spot, there was nothing else.

5:00pm: I called my midwives to ask what they thought, and she informed me I was Group B Positive, so I needed to come in to get checked just in case i had a tear in my amniotic sack. She allowed us to go walking for an hour first to see if I could get the contractions going stronger and closer together, so that if it was torn, labor would be started instead of waiting at the hospital forever trying to get labor going. An hour later my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart lasting anywhere between 30 seconds and a minute. Some were a bit more painful than others, but I was able to still walk/talk through the contractions so I knew they weren’t as strong as they should be. We dropped of Rhem and headed to the hospital anyways to see if we were having a baby.

7:45pm: we arrived at the hospital. We were immideatly told to head up to the birthing center to get check. The nurse came in, asked me 100 questions, (ok, maybe less) had me fill out some paper work, did a swab, check my cervix, (still only 2cm, sigh.) and put me on the monitors to keep track of baby’s heart beat and my contractions. She then left the room to take the swab to the lab to wait for results to see if we could head home or if we were having a baby.

9:45pm: Nurse FINALLY comes back to tell us the water did not break, so she was going to write up discharge papers so we could leave.

10:15pm: Nurse FINALLY comes back to discharge us… at this point I had already taken all of the monitors off me and got dressed again. I was so annoyed with how long it took just to say we were free to leave.

11:00pm: we finally arrived home after picking up Rhem from Nana and Papa’s. Contractions were still 5 minutes apart, I was worn out. All three of us headed off to bed, only to be woken up at 4am by little Rhem wanting mom to hold her. 30 minutes later she finally fell back to sleep.

Oh my word. I am so exhausted. Hoping the 3 toddlers I have today decide to be well behaved, I need a break. Every day for the past week or so I have been so ready to go into labor and have this baby, now I just want a whole day of sleep before pushing another child out. Unfortunately that is not going to happen… but here’s to hoping for a good nap and night of sleep!



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