quick update

Well it has been almost a week since I have updated. Still no baby, just been busy and exhausted lately! Well this entry won’t have any pictures, just wanted to give a quick update, and possibly will post another update later tonight with pictures.

Well, on Friday marked 38 weeks of pregnancy. Still having contractions throughout the day, some are strong, some are weak but frequent. Baby apparently is just cozy, however she still is constantly jabbing me like she is uncomfortable, which makes me uncomfortable! I do love being pregnant though! Just getting very excited to meet this little bundle of love! (I’m holding out hope she’ll be on the small/average size, and not a monster! haha)

Rhem continues to amaze me everyday. We have been working on trying to get her to learn to spell her name (since she is really good at saying letters) and I realized I am really bad at trying to write left handed! (She is left handed and every time we spell her name out loud I try to show her how to write it) She finally is getting good at picking up after herself as well. Now I just say it is time to do something, and she immediately starts to put her toys away without being asked. So wonderful. This past week she had LOTS of tantrums throughout the day, about absolutely nothing, making me wonder if she is starting to get her two year old molars in. (she was always a monster whenever she was teething)

PJ has today off so he is currently working on the bathroom. Last night he was able to move the toilet to its new location, and he just now took out the old vanity. Today his plans are to prime and finishing painting that main wall, and hopefully he can put the new vanity in very soon! (today would be wonderful, but i doubt it will happen today) After the vanity is put in, we can start hanging the mirror and lights, then put up the towel racks and decorations and will be at a stopping point! The last thing will be putting new trim and blinds up, but we need to wait for tax returns to buy those.

In other news, we got a new washer last night! I can finally start doing laundry in our own house again, and hopefully get back to cloth diapering! Just hoping this washer last us for a while. (we have bought two washers in the last year… both broke within 6 months of use. so frustrating… but that is what you get when you buy off craigslist.)

Well that is my update, I am off to try out our new (used) washer, get this kiddos some lunch!



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