The waiting game

Well I went to the doctors appointment. I am still at 2cm, but she said my cervix is extremely soft, so she stirred things up, and thinks this should help throw me into labor soon! I did some walking, trying to get contractions going, but not much happened. Still holding out hope for this weekend.

Well I decided I should post what I am packing for the hospital. Disclaimer: I tend to be an over packer, but I am ok with that! ๐Ÿ™‚

My Bag.
IMG_5729 IMG_5730
Pajamas, a few comfy sweat pants, a few loose shirts and camys, and a nursing sports bra.

IMG_5732ย Make up, toothbrush & paste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, hair stuff. IMG_5733 Depends (instead of using the horrible giant pads, that can get twisted, depends are just easier to use for pp bleeding) , shower shoes, and nursing covers, in case I feel self conscious ๐Ÿ˜‰IMG_5735 Big & Little sister outfits for pictures. IMG_5739

Chargers, computer, (not shown is camera & phone)IMG_5740

Swaddle blankets for baby at night as well as pictures. (the hospital provides blankets, but these ones are stretchy and easier to use)IMG_5741
and last, some notebooks that have all my daycare kids parents phone numbers in, as well as our name options.

With my first, I also brought dvds, and music… I never used them. However, some people may love listening to music, so to each their own. Also, we were induced with our first and were there for 20 hours so dvds could have come in handy, but I opted for cable channels the hospital provided, since we don’t have cable at home ๐Ÿ™‚ Other suggest change for hubby to get snack food, or bring snacks for them… again my husband never ate in the delivery room, because he felt bad that I couldn’t eat anything and I was starving! So instead he went and picked up food for himself and ate it in the car since we weren’t going anywhere soon.

Baby’s Bag.
IMG_5742 IMG_5744 Onesies, pants, and pajamas. Looks like a lot (because it is) but with Rhem, she soaked through one out fit while in the hospital, and spit up on two others, and we were only there for 1 day with her. So I packed a little heavy this time on clothes, especially since I may have to stay for at least 2 days, since I am group B positive this time around.IMG_5745
Socks for feet and hands in case she has long finger nails. We don’t want a scratched up face! ๐Ÿ™‚

Some cozy little jackets since it is winter here in iowa. (which means between below zero and 20 degrees)IMG_5747
Items for baby pictures at hospital. Elephant, purple & pink cloth diaper, blankets, and headbands. Most hospitals offer next day pictures, that are very professional. It is a good idea to bring blankets or stuffed animals for the pictures. And I like the look of cloth diapers more than the free pampers diapers the hospital offers!IMG_5748
and a boppy pillow. Some women hate these, I love it! It helped so much with nursing and daddy loved using it to cuddle with baby for long periods of time, without his arms getting exhausted. (funny how a little baby can make your arms go numb fast lol)

I also have a little baby brush, and some nipple cream not shown in picture.

I packed one other bag, which is just filled with books, dolls, and toys for when Rhem is at the hospital, so she doesn’t get to bored/frustrated.

Alright, well off to bed.


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