Case of Mondays

This weekend was relaxed, but kinda lame. We hung around the house on Saturday & Sunday. The only thing we really accomplished was hanging up our t.v. on a wall mount, and reorganized/cleaned up. Sunday evening our friends Bay and Luke came over to give us some baby gifts, and we drank some of my famous hot chocolate and tried to dance this baby out. Of course, this little stubborn girl didn’t budge. Oh well.

Since Bay and Luke came over for a few hours before heading back to Ames, we let Rhem stay up late. My hopes were that she would sleep in today. Not so much. She woke up at her normal time, and boy was she cranky! She spent most of her morning throwing one fit after another. By time I served lunch she was to exhausted to eat, so I put her straight down for nap. She slept for 3 glorious hours. I was excited for her to wake up in a delightful mood… instead she was hungry, but was so mad that she was hungry it took 30 minutes of screaming before she finally settled down to eat her lunch. Got to love the toddler stage. After she finally ate her lunch, she was my happy, hilarious girl I know and love. She even told me she needed to use the potty!

I am exhausted, as usual. I am not sleeping very well at night, due to restless legs, not being able to sleep comfortably on my side, and a toddler who suddenly thinks she needs to wake up twice every. single. night. I am hoping once baby gets here, I will be able to get comfortable at night and pick up a few more hours a night than what I am getting right now. Thankfully I am already 39 1/2 weeks, so baby will be here soon! I have my next appointment on Thursday, hopefully I am more dilated and baby comes soon on her own, otherwise we will be discussing a date to be induced. Either way, baby should be here within the next 2 weeks. To say I am excited is an understatement.

Due to the many tantrums/ being extremely exhausted I have no pictures to post today. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some cute pictures to share.

Well now it is time for some family relaxing and then I see an early bed time for this mama.


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