Best Tuesday Ever

Ok, maybe not the best tuesday in the history of tuesdays, but today was pretty wonderful! Nothing special happened or took place, but my Rhem is back to her bubbly self. She had ZERO tantrums and just full of joy. It was wonderful. She started out her morning laughing and being goofy. Played well with the daycare kids, ate her lunch awesomely, made jokes and sang herself to sleep for nap. Woke up from nap giggly and hyper. Skipped around the house, followed by crawling on the floor meowing like a kitty. We headed out to the mall where she stole my chicken sandwich for dinner, then pushed her stroller around the mall following mowmmy (her word for mommy) and daddy. Played peek a boo in one of the changing rooms. Came home and helped daddy let the dogs out. Went upstairs and brushed her teeth, twice. Then yelled, “Goodnight Mowmmy! I love you!” and went off to bed. Best. Girl. EVER. (i only have a few more days that I can get away saying that! 😉 )

Just her being in such a great mood, made this normally boring day wonderful. The amount of love I have for her is insane. I just wanted to cuddle her all day and give her anything she wanted because she was just so perfect. ahh. (ok, I think I bragged enough about her haha)
IMG_5764 IMG_5770 IMG_5774 IMG_5775 IMG_5783 IMG_5785 IMG_5795 IMG_5809 IMG_5812 IMG_5818 IMG_5822 IMG_5824 IMG_5827 IMG_5834 IMG_5843 IMG_5852 IMG_5863 IMG_5883
(39 1/2 weeks)

Well it is getting late, so I should head off to bed. Tomorrow is another day of work, with snow on the way. Thankfully I just bought some more hot cocoa mix yesterday! 🙂


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