A Day of Fun

Well, still no baby, so we decided to have another family fun day celebrating Rhem being an only child. Today we went to eat at Quiznos for lunch. Rhem got a meatball marinara sandwich… which she didn’t eat any of the bread, just the meatballs, with some barbeque chips and pink lemonade! She seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, and loved watching the tax guy stand outside in a statue of Liberty costume waving to passing by cars. (mom and dad had a California Chicken Club… but no one really cares what we had lol) After lunch we picked up my niece, Leona, and headed to Monkey Joes. Rhem had a BLAST. At first she was scared to try to walk/jump so she just bounced all over on her knees, but soon after she was running around and jumping on top of all the blow ups. She loved having her cousin to play with, although at times Leona seemed a little bored in the little kid area. (she’s 4 1/2, while Rhem will only be turning 2 this spring) However, Leona said she had a great time, and Rhem definitely loved it. They even got a little ICEE treat after we were done playing. After 2 1/2 hours of jumping and running we headed out so Rhem could get a nap. She fell asleep 1 minutes before arriving home, so we quickly took her up to her bed, which she then instantly woke up and refused napped. Blah. I was exhausted! (as was dad) Finally and hour later we got her to nap, but then mom had to get up to us the restroom and Rhem woke up. Nap time over. Oh well. After our attempt at nap, Rhem was not in a very good mood. Combined with lack of sleep, and more girl having an upset stomach, we spent an hour of trying to calm her down. After giving her some meds and some cereal to munch on, she went back to her bubbly, hilarious self! We currently have two Siberian Huskies, and OMGoodness they are shedding like CRAZY. Anyways, Havok (our male husky) walked by Rhem and a huge chunk of hair fell off, and Rhem yelled, “OH MAN!” and ran over to pick up the hair and placed it back on to Havok’s back. I couldn’t stop laughing. She loves her dogs. (they drive me insane though. I miss having cats, they were so much easier than two crazy dogs.)

Kinda bummed I forgot to take my camera with us to Monkey Joes, but I do have some pictures to post!
Rhem eating an apple, waiting for Nana to pick her up. 🙂
Wearing her new hat, getting ready to head out to get groceries!
Haha. Today she watched me put on my eye liner, and as I was straightening my hair, I caught her trying to put eye liner on herself.
40 weeks & 1 day. Guesses on how far I’ll go? My guess is 40 weeks & 6 days (mainly because that means she would be born on a Thursday the 7th, and Rhem was born on a Thursday the 7th. 🙂
Trying to steal mom’s camera so she can look at pictures of herself. IMG_5934
Carefully carrying her plate of cinnamon rolls over to where daddy was sitting. So big. 🙂

Well, off to bed. Hope tomorrow doesn’t fly by as fast as today did. I am not ready to go back to work on Monday… I need some more rest before baby gets here!



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