She’s Here, She’s Here!!!

Finally, Hadiley has arrived.

Hadiley- Pronounced like had- (short i) -lee

On Tuesday morning I woke up to the glorious “bloody show.” I called my midwives around noon to let them know what was up, and tell them I was having a few mild contractions. They wanted me to come in just to see what was going on.

2:30pm- My midwife Pam checked me and I was dilated 4cm. She said it looked like I was in early stages of labor. Excitement filled the air.

7:00pm- Contractions were coming on strong about 8 minutes apart.

10:00pm- Strong contractions, about 6-7minutes apart. I called the midwives to see if i could come in, since we knew I was already at a 4, and I was Group B Positive and needed to be put on penicillin. They said no, they wanted contractions at least 4 minutes apart.

1am- Still 7 minutes apart, decides to try to get some sleep.

2am- To uncomfortable to sleep, decides to get down on the floor to do hands and knees during contractions.

3am- Contractions are very strong and 4 minutes apart. Called the midwives and got permission to FINALLY head in.

4am- Arrive at hospital. I get checked, I am at 7cm.

6am- I get an epidural because I am to exhausted to do anything, seeing I hadn’t slept since monday evening, and it was now Wednesday morning.

7am- I woke up to my water breaking.

7:15am- Midwife, Beth, checks me. Baby is nearly crowning. I do a practice push and baby starts her way out. Time to have baby. 🙂 A few pushes later baby is fully crowning, and ring of fire is a go.

7:30- Two more pushes and our little girl is out.

Beautiful. 9 pounds. 4 ounces. 20 inches long. Light brown hair. Still has the pretty blue newborn colored eyes. Seems perfectly healthy and happy.

Things seemed to progress so fast and went so much easier than birth did with Rhem. She was happy and so alert.

However, this pregnancy I was Group B positive. For those who do not know, Group B Strep is a bacteria in a woman’s vagina. I usually is a harmless bacteria that lives in 30% of women that comes and goes. However, if Group B appears in your last few weeks of pregnancy you need to be given penicillin during labor so that baby does not get an infection. You need to have at least 2 doses of treatment, with 4 hours in between.

My first dose was at 4:30am. I had baby at 7:30am. Meaning I never got my second dose. They did the blood work on Hadiley to check her levels to see if the GBS had affected her. The level needed to be 6 or lower. Hers were 6.3 so the ordered another test for the next day to check if they were going down or up. The nurse accidentally put the order in for later that day, so a few hours later they checked her again, but this time her level was 14. She immediately was admitted into the NICU to begin treatment to fight off any type of infection. (if a baby get’s GBS they can become lethargic, have trouble eating, become limp, and have breathing problems… if goes untreated, could result in death)

She has seemed to be doing well. No fever, eating well, has good awake time, and a pretty laid back baby. However, she still could be here for 10 days if her levels do not start dropping.

The past day has been a roller coaster of emotions. Excitement to FINALLY have new little girl here. Joy that she is big, beautiful, and healthy. Fright in the fact her levels doubled in a couple hours and had to be admitted to the NICU. Sadness that I will have to spend more nights away from my other daughter Rhemidy. Exhaustion from going from back and forth between postpartum and NICU to nurse and cuddle with Hadiley. Stressed trying to figure out what to do with Rhemidy if Hadiley has to stay for another week.

I understand that this is life, and in life things do not always go as planned. In fact, often times they do not go how we imagined them to go. Usually I can suck it up, and embrace the changed. However, I am having more difficulty embracing things that havn’t gone as planned with this birth. I wanted to do this drug free. But at last minute I chickened out, thinking I could be here for hours. One hour after the epidural I gave birth. ONE HOUR. I could have lasted one more hour. I wanted to get to the hospital in time to get the 2 treatments of penicillin. I needed to be there for 4 hours. I was there for 3. I wanted to be discharged 24 hours after birth. Definitely did not happen. I wanted a perfect, healthy baby. She is perfect, but in the NICU. I wanted to ONLY ALLOW BREAST MILK. I gave in. After running back and fourth every hour trying to keep up with how much this girl wanted to eat, I allowed formula so that I could sleep for a couple hours straight. I, of course, cried about it. Why? I have no idea. Yes, Breast is Best.. however, formula is not a horrible thing. My first daughter was formula fed. She is a very smart, sweet, awesome, big, healthy almost 2 year old. So I do not know why giving her some formula made me feel like such a failure, but it did. Another thing I didn’t plan to happen, yet it happened.

But, at the end of the day what I need to do (besides keeping myself from crying of all the silly, little things) is be thankful. Thankful they made a mistake and took the test twice in one day, catching the CRP Levels rising and allowing her to start treatment sooner than later. Thankful I have had awesome nurses. Thankful she is eating well, doesn’t have a fever, and over all seems like a healthy baby. Thankful for family and friends who have been sending us gifts and prayers. Thankful that by the end of the week I will be taking home a healthy child, and not a sick child. Thankful that I do not have to watch my child suffer to live, like most parents do whose children are in the NICU. Thankful I have an awesome husband who is holding down fort at home, and embracing life as a single dad while I stay at the hospital to feed and cuddle Hadiley. Thankful for awesome daycare parents who tell us not to worry about when we’ll be open, but to worry about getting our daughter out of the hospital. Thankful for knowing God is with us in all of this.

Well now on to showing off this beautiful child of mine.
Introducing little Hadiley Grey

IMG_6203 IMG_6286 IMG_6329 IMG_6340 IMG_6350 IMG_6366 IMG_6377 IMG_6410 IMG_6436 IMG_6445


(so I wrote this entry a day ago, but the computer froze and didn’t save it. I then cried. Oh hormones. 🙂 )


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