Great news and lots of running around…

Alright. So yesterday was an awesome day. It started early morning when the Doctor came around for his check ups and reports. They decided that Hadiley is doing awesome, so she was able to get off of her oxygen tube and they capped her IV line. Yay for less cords and a happier baby! (and mom!) The doctor said she was looking great, and everything was coming back awesome, but he was thinking that we would be staying until next Saturday. However, if the blood results came back later saying the the CRP levels had dropped, and if one of the spinal fluid tests they took come back looking good then we can leave on Wedn! Well the blood results came back saying the CRP is NORMAL. So happy. It was because of the CRP levels that we were admitted here in the first place, so that gives me a sigh of relief! We still are waiting for the lab to tell us about the spinal results, but that might not get here until tomorrow, but one of the nurses thinks that it will come back clean giving us the go for Wednesday! So prayers that she is right!

I have also been pumping like crazy which gives me a little more freedom, seeing that if I am gone for a feeding, they have my breast milk stalked up so she doesn’t need any formula. (I think as of right now I am 5 feedings ahead) Due to my awesome milk supply I headed home last night to cuddle with the hubs and Rhem. OMG I do not think I have seen Rhem so excited to cuddle next to mom. It was wonderful. I woke up at around 1 am to pump (so I don’t lose this awesome milk supply) and come to realize that my pump at home no longer works. BOOO. So I headed back to the hospital. I got back pumped, and laid down only to be woken by a very hungry girl. I fed Hadiley, then cuddled for an hour until she finally went back to sleep. We got 2 hours of sleep until I woke her up so she could get her assesment done. I weighed her (9lbs 8oz!), gave her a bath, the nurse switched out her IV, I pumped some more, then I finished feeding her and rocked her back to sleep. At 7 I headed out the door to stop at the grocery store to pick up some fruit, turkey sausage, and wheat blueberry waffles for breakfast. I also had to stop at Starbucks for some delicious coffee. As soon as I walked up the steps, Rhem rolled over and woke up with the biggest smile on her face. Seriously, I wanted to cry seeing how happy she was to see me. I got her up and dressed and we headed down stairs to make breakfast and spent and hour cuddling before heading back out. (I also taught dad how to write checks to pay the bills haha) I am now back at the hospital, all pumped out, and I hear little Hadi squirming around. 🙂

Even with the little sleep I have had, yesterday and today have been so wonderful. (I haven’t even cried about anything! lol) I am hoping things continue to go so smooth and I am able to keep up this energy and be productive. And maybe slip in a nap here and there. I have so much joy right now, and feel so at peace for once, hoping these feelings stay! Ah. God is good.

Oh, one complaint though. You would think the person in charge of buying the hospital supplies would be kind enough to realize what a woman’s private parts go through during labor, and invest in some soft toilet paper! Seriously, it is scary enough to wipe, but add in the texture of cardboard and you’ll find yourself trying to just hold it. (haha, but seriously, look into Charmin Ultra Soft. Birthing mothers around the world will thank you.)

Picture time. 😀
IMG_6536 IMG_6547 IMG_6580 IMG_6583 IMG_6592 IMG_6598 IMG_6608 IMG_6612
Hadiley (at 4 days old) Rhemidy (2 months old) and Me (newborn picture) 🙂

love & God bless.


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