Life in the NICU

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Well it looks (fingers crossed) that today is our last day in the NICU. We should be able to go home tomorrow morning! It has been a crazy week, one that I definitely didn’t anticipate. But we made it. I made it through my first time spending nights away from Rhem and my first time having a child “sick” enough to be admitted to a hospital. We are very blessed to have two healthy girls, and I am beyond excited to be going home and watching my girls grow up together. I want to thank everyone for all their prayers and support while we embarked on this journey of getting our baby healthy.  Nothing else to really update, Hads is obviously continuing to do great, Rhem has been a happy toddler since mom has had a little more freedom to leave the hospital for short periods of time, and I (although exhausted) am feeling great. Again, thank you for everyone  who has prayed for us, sent us gifts, as well as given us our space while we worked on getting Hads out of here. I am excited to have all our family and friends meet her very soon!

God bless.


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