Finding a little time

I have come to find that it is hard to find any time. Between taking care of a newborn, who wants to be held CONSTANTLY (and isn’t a fan yet of the slings, and I have a few different types) and an almost 2 year old who yearns for moms  attention, as well as two other toddlers that I watch, then throw in trying to feed and diaper them all, oh AND trying to keep up on sweeping, laundry, and dishes, you can imagine I have some very busy days. It seems every time I finally get the 3 toddlers to do something, baby Hadi wakes up ready to eat, or just hangout in moms arms. It’s hard to try to get time to upload my pictures, check my messages, and write on my blog. Every day I look rather gaudy, with my extremely messy hair, my mismatched, stained clothes, and lack of make up. But while people would sit here complaining, how they miss having their “me” time, I cannot help but smile. I love being a mom. I love being constantly busy with my two beautiful girls. This is definitely what I was made to do. Yes, I have my moments where I want to lock myself in a closet for just 5 minutes of peace and quiet, but those moments are rare. Those moments usually are due to  trying to make lunch, while trying to separate two fighting toddlers, while trying to get Hadi to take a nap and stop screaming, while trying to explain to Rhemidy that she needs to share, while trying to get the dogs to stop whining. Ahh multitasking. Much more difficult when you have screaming children. 🙂

Anyways, what has been going on in this crazy house? Well, Tomorrow my littlest turns 3 weeks. She has been doing pretty awesome. We are nursing GREAT. In fact, she now refuses a bottle, and only wants mom. 🙂 We finally mastered the laying down position at night, which is awesome! (especially since her night nursing usually takes an hour, she likes to take her time at 4 in the morning. ahhh!) She has awesome awake time. She hates being on the floor on her belly, but LOVES laying on her belly on the boppy pillow. Her eyes are still a beautiful, dark blue. Her hair has lightened up a little more, to a light auburn brown.  We havn’t had a doctors appointment yet (it was suppose to be Friday, but we forgot, then got rescheduled for today, but due to the snow storm it was cancelled, so now we are looking at Thursday) so not sure how much she weighs, but she seems to be gaining away. She sure does like to eat a lot! Hadiley is also smiling ALL THE TIME. And every time I oooh and ahhh. She also is trying to coo back and mom. Most of the time it just sounds like grunts. 😀

Rhemidy seems older every day. Her words are growing, she is talking in more sentences, and we have entered the “I Wanted To Do Everything Myself” stage. Sometimes it is awesome, other times, not so much.  She always wants to walk at stores now (instead of riding in a buggy or stroller) and man, she is a slow walker. She also is a very distracted walker. But what do you expect from a toddler? Her birthday is a little over a month away, and I am so excited, and a little bit sad. My baby is turning two. Where has time gone? I have decided that this years theme will be Little Red Riding Hood… or as I put it, Little RHEM Riding Hood. 🙂 (She was Little Red for halloween this last year, so I already have a cute little red cape I made her) I love looking up ideas for decorations and food, and am excited to start crafting! Rhem is just so perfect when it comes to being a big sister. She absolutely adores Hadiley already. She is constantly giving her kisses and talking to her, and is very protective of her sister. She needs to know where Hadi is at all times and what she is doing. It is a joy to watch. (as I type this, Rhem runs over to inform me that Hadiley is Nigh-Nigh in the swing.)

In over news, we got a new bed. A big, beautiful king size bed. A big, beautiful, king size, MEMORY FOAM bed. Oh it is so comfortable, and roomy, and wonderful. We also bought some new sheets and a new comforter for it, which of course now has us wanting to paint and re do the whole upstairs. 😀 (we still need to finish our bathroom and office room, oh and our hallway…)

In not fun news, we have been trying to allow our dogs more freedom, so we no longer have to kennel them. Well, they so far have ripped apart some towels, ate a whole in our wall near a door going outside, ate some base, tore apart a bag of stuffing from my sewing room, tore apart a ball of yarn, tore apart some tissue paper and gift bags, and got in the garbage. I hate dogs. I do not understand you dog people. I miss the laid backness of owning a cat.(although I love not having the litter box smell. cats smell. but are way better than dogs!)

Alright, well the baby is starting to wake up, and she will need some of mama’s milk! 🙂

IMG_6788 IMG_6816 IMG_6955 IMG_6957 IMG_6962 IMG_6971 IMG_6987 IMG_7018 IMG_7032 IMG_7034 IMG_7051


3 thoughts on “Finding a little time

  1. I felt the same way about the newborn stage (a mess, myself, but utterly enjoying it noentheless!) I also have a MEMORY FOAM mattress. Love it so much!! I can’t imagine how busy you are with all those little ones. You’re doing outstanding! 🙂
    And your girls are absolutely adorable!! Look at those eyes! ❤

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