Time is passing

Winter is finally over, (well according to the calender that is) however days before ending it decided it was time for sickness to hit my family. A whole lot of tissues have been used and the sounds of coughs are heard throughout the day and night. I am finally starting to feel better, however I cannot tell if Hadi is getting better, or starting to get worse. :/ Hopefully better. I am ready for sickness and cold weather to leave, and spring to bring sunshine, flowers, and warmer weather! Due to late nights, and early mornings with a house filled of kiddos, I have been slacking on updating! (update: I have a sinus infection, Rhem has an ear infection, and Hadi has an eye infection! holy sickness! but we are all in good moods and are getting better!)

Well my sweet little Hadi is 6 weeks old. She is getting stronger each day, LOVES being in my Moby Wrap, or ring sling. She has started cooing more and smiles ALL the time. She is such a happy, content baby! Breastfeeding is going AMAZING. I love it. I want to be a source of encouragement for anyone who has tried, and quit before. With my Rhem I tried, and around a month gave up because it hurt, we had latch troubles, and bottles just seemed so much easier. This time around I wanted to try breastfeeding again because I realized how expensive formula is, and I HATED cleaning out bottles all the time and making sure I packed bottles, water, and formula every time I left my house. While in the hospital with Hadi I had a difficult time with the latch again once my supply came in, and anytime I did get her to latch it HURT. I gave up for a week while in the NICU and when we first came home and just pumped like crazy. Well I didn’t want to give up that easy so during the day I would try to get her to latch before every feeding. It took two days until we she latched on and stopped using a bottle. Now all the bottles have been packed away and I no longer need to pump. Let me tell you, breastfeeding is so much simpler. Not only am I saving money, but I don’t have to pack her milk with me every time we got out, and no more cleaning bottles! Obviously there is also the bonding that comes with breastfeeding as well as the nourishment, but let’s face it, I am cheap and lazy so the no bottles and saving money is what sold me. hehe. But really, it does get easier! Don’t give up! ( I am by no means against formula feeding, seeing that I have a very healthy, smart almost 2 year old who was formula fed. I understand for some people breastfeeding is not even an option due to medical reasons, but for those who are able to breastfeeding but are just having a difficult time like I did with my first and are really wanting to continue, there is hope! Also, I just had my first real bonding experience with my LO while nursing, She was eating away and I looked down at her to see if she was falling asleep and she saw me look at her, stopped nursing, and gave me a huge smile. AH. my heart melted. so perfect.)

Rhem knows: Circle, square, heart, star & yellow, pink, blue & “O”, “M”, “R”, “Y”. (all other letters are “B” haha) She has been a bit on the whinny/dramatic/melt down phase, which I am hoping is from having an ear infection and hoping it passes soon! I am getting so excited for her second birthday, although starting to feel a bit stressed! This sickness has thrown me off and I just realized I have 4 days until her party. Ahh. I need to make a menu and do some shopping! Not to mention right after her party we have my cousins baby shower, than the next day we have Easter. Lots of shopping needs to be done in these next 4 days! Good thing I am a professional shopper! haha Rhem has been so helpful these last few weeks! She LOVES to help sweep, clean up spills on the ground, she learned who to use a spray bottle, and she is always wanting to throw things away! (occasionally I need to go look into the trashcan to make sure she hasn’t thrown away any clothes, toys, books, or utensils… all of which I have had to pull out of the trash and wash haha)

I have been working on this update for 4 days now, and there isn’t even much in it! These girls have been keeping me busy! Ok, I cannot completely blame the girls and sickness… you see, my Brother-IL sent us the complete Smallville series about 2 weeks ago, and well we started at season 4 (we have already seen 1-3) and we are now finishing up season 7. (that is about 70 episodes in 2 weeks… haha we are a little obsessed.) We also have had Michael (the brother in law who sent us smallville) over for his first home made meal since getting home from Afghanistan last week. We also had our friends the Sullivans over for dinner (which they made all the food and brought it too us to enjoy!) so they could meet little Hadiley and we could see their son who is growing so fast! Crazy when you go months without seeing friends who live just down the road! We ALSO had Rhemidy participate in her very first Easter egg hunt! She LOVED it. After I got to take some pictures of a family I absolutely adore who is currently pregnant with baby number 3! & I did accomplish to get some of the decorations for Rhem’s birthday party. So I we have had some “play” time in the mix of work & sickness!

Alright now the kids are finishing up their lunch, which means I need to put them down for nap soon, and make a list of what I need to get this week for the party! busy busy busy.

IMG_8051 IMG_8059 IMG_8061 IMG_8066 IMG_8091 IMG_8096 IMG_8117 IMG_8134 IMG_8164 IMG_8206 IMG_8237 IMG_8249 IMG_8285 IMG_8296 IMG_8302 IMG_8305 IMG_8589 IMG_8625 IMG_8629 IMG_8630 IMG_8632 IMG_8633


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