Why, what big eyes you have!

This past weekend we celebrated my sweet little Rhem’s SECOND birthday. My girl has grown up so fast! I love the child she is becoming! She is smart, sweet, and has such a personality! Although, she can be rather emotional time to time. (she gets that from me) I love, no really, LOVE throwing parties. I love decorating. I love making food. I love coming up with ideas. Last year her birthday was owls & birds themed (the same theme her room is) and this year her theme was “Little Red Riding Hood”… or “Little Rhem Riding Hood” as I called it. 🙂 It was a success.


IMG_8722 IMG_8726 IMG_8731 IMG_8735 IMG_8739 IMG_8745 IMG_8746 IMG_8753 IMG_8773 IMG_8778b IMG_8787 IMG_8811 IMG_8832 IMG_8859 IMG_8941


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