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1.Teaching Rhem how to separate her colors as well as learn which color is which. So far she has yellow, pink, and blue down!
2. My happy Hadi on Easter Sunday. She is such a happy baby!
My sweet little Rhem on Easter Sunday. Such an energetic, silly girl!
4. Little Miss Hadi is always wanting to suck on her fingers, and refuses to take a binkie! But goodness, she sure is adorable!

I am trying to get back in the rhythm of writing in here daily. I want to come up with a theme for each day… such as on Thursdays I will write a “fragments” entry that will have a few pictures, with a little description of things that have gone on so far in the week. As well as a list of things I am hoping to start accomplishing. I need more ideas of themes for the weeks. After reading over some blogs, I have seen one where they write each week about things that have brought smiles to their face in the middle of the chaos. I also think I will do a day a week where I post a recipe to a dinner or dessert I make. I need more ideas!

Things on my mind I am hoping to accomplish in the near future:
1. I would like to begin crafting items that I can turn around and sell. I just cannot decided if I want to do like hair accessories, scarfs, toddler dresses, blankets, little plush dolls, or what.
2. I want to get my Agape Ministries starting back up, and focusing on Ding Dong Giving, an organization that provides a laundry basket filled with items such as books, food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and clothing items that are left on the porch of people in need with just a little note wishing them blessings. I want to make new (and improved) shirts supporting that organization.
3.I would love to start blogging more about parenting, crafting, fashion, or what have you, and find sponsors and hopefully collect an income on my blogging.
4. I would eventually love to do giveaways. Rather it be items that I create (refer to number 1), a free tshirt supporting Agape and/or Ding Dong Giving (refer to number 2), an item from a sponsor, or items that I come along that I think are awesome to help with baking/cooking/parenting/everyday life and want to share with you guys!

peace & joy


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