From a very young age and into high school I was very active in sports. I have tried them all (swimming, basketball, volleyball, softball, & I learned golf from my uncle in TX and use to play a little tennis with my parents during the summer months) but the one sport that stuck from age 4 to age 18 was soccer (futbol). It was a huge passion of mine, and still to this day I love the sport! However, I started having knee problems in junior high, and by my senior year I hung up my cleats. Soccer had kept me in pretty good shape, so after soccer was done I began gaining a little weight. Then I had two kids, and gained a lot more weight. My goal now is to lose some weight, get back to working out and running, and hopefully take those cleats out of storage! My first goal is to lose 8 pounds. Those 8 pounds will bring me back to my pre Hadiley weight. After achieving that loss, my next goal will be to lose 13 pounds. That loss will bring me to my pre Rhemidy weight. After that my main goal will be to build some muscles (read,some, not a lot) and just get in a daily workout routine to keep for life. I would, however, like to then lose an additional 17 pounds to bring me to a good healthy weight for my age/height. (so total we are looking at 38 pounds)

One of the ways I am going about this, is by trying to eat smarter & healthier. I am starting by cutting way back on my sugar in take. Not getting rid of all the sugar, because this girl LOVES her sugar. As well as eating less bread, and the bread I eat will be wheat and rich in fiber and protein. And once I get the go ahead from the docs (still pp bleeding unfortunately), I will start working out; focusing on abs/waist & arms/chest. (my soccer legs are still in pretty good shape 🙂 ) Also, I found this article to give me some ideas when it comes to meals that go well with breastfeeding!

My breakfast today was some wheat, fiber filled english muffin bread with a little bit of peanut butter and banana. With some delicious, sour green grapes. & crystal light to drink.IMG_9379
For lunch the kids had some frozen pizza, bread sticks, & fruit… it sounded so good, so I took some wheat pita bread, put a little tomato sauce, a little bit of cottage cheese, and some shredded cheese in the middle and cooked it in the oven for 5 minutes at 450… it was awesome! (and that one little pita pizza had 9g of protein! & less than 200 calories!) I also had some strawberry honey flavored greek yogurt with strawberries, blueberries, and black berries. Yum! (and filling!)

Well time for me to get a little quiet time while all the kids are down for naps, then off to play outside in this beautiful spring weather!


peace & joy


2 thoughts on “Health

  1. That’s fabulous and inspiring! I also love the photo of your daughter. I have been on a diet getting down below prepregnancy weight, then another 10 pounds for good measure. I cut down on white flour in the past few months and it’s really been a huge help. Best of luck!

    • Thanks! That is my plan right now to just cut back on flour and sugar for the beginning, possibly try to cut it almost completely out for maybe a month or too just to get to a better/healthier weight, then once I get in a good workout routine start adding sugar and flour back a little bit, because no way I can go the rest of my life without flour and sugar! haha I love to bake desserts, and eat them too! Good luck to you as well!

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