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1. She gets more and more beautiful every day.
2. A new way to mop, Rhem blows bubbles all over, and I mop it up! haha
3. Hadi is getting so big, already 13.5 pounds, and loves her hands.
4.Rhem decided that she didn’t want a shirt today, instead she wanted to wear her Little People mat as a dress.

Things I am planning:
1. Tomorrow I am going back to the doctors and hopefully will be figuring out this whole pp bleeding that is STILL going on. (yesterday marked 10 weeks) Once the bleeding finally stops, I will hopefully not feel so exhausted and be able to start working out again!
2. On monday we will be starting back up with preschool with some fun activities and new books.
We will focus on the letters “R” and “U” for april, and talking about Rain, Rainbows, and Umbrellas. April’s color is Purple, shape is Circle, and Number is One.
3. This weekend I have a photoshoot, a birthday grill out for my BIL, and a birthday party for our friends little boy! Hopefully I can fit in doing a 2 year photoshoot with Rhem, as well.
4. We are still working on our bathroom. We have a picture to hang, finding something for the wall next to the toilet, a few small decorations for some shelves, fix the door, and put up trim. The major parts are all done, just these last few things will hopefully be done soon. After the bathroom is finished, the hallway outside of the bathroom needs major help. We ripped up some ugly wood panaling to find dirty walls that also has some holes. AFTER the hall way, we then have the office room. That room has dry wall up, but it needs to be mudded, painted, flooring needs to be put in, then some shelving and decorations. Oh and the celing needs a paint job. :/ but after all of those, I can give the play room a face lift… which ill involve putting up a wall where a door use to me, mudding the whole room, and re painting it a pretty light blue! I would then like to get rid of abundance of toys, add a little place to read, and make it more into a library with 3 bins of toys… instead of 16 bins of toys lol. THEN we can repaint our living room & fix up our kitchen. Then, our main level will finally be done and wonderful… then we move upstairs. haha.


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