Ahh. I am slacking on updating. I have been so busy lately, I just have no had time to sit down and update. I will post tomorrow in fragments about all that we have been doing this past weekend/week.

I did end up getting a D&C yesterday, to remove some placenta that was left over from delivering 11 weeks ago. I am feeling rather crampy  today, but hoping it passes soon and I can start working out and getting back to my pre babies body.

Today Hadiley is 11 weeks old. She is already becoming so big, and I do not like it! haha. She is such an easy, awesome baby and I love every moment of it! I am excited for her to get a bit older though and be able to watch her and Rhem play though. She has started reaching for toys, and wants to put everything in her mouth! Last night at the store, I set Rhems “Wubba Nub” (its a pacifier with a stuffed monkey attached to it) on Hadiley’s lap… next thing I know, Hadiley is trying to put the pacifier and monkey’s foot in her mouth! She also has been trying to roll over, and does little baby crunches in attempts to sit up. And goodness, she is a very loud, talkative baby! I will put her down in her swing while I cook, and she will start talking, very loudly, to the stars on the mobile. Hilarious. As I type this, she is sitting next to me in her bouncer, chewing on her blanket, and talking to a little stuffed giraffe that is dangling down in front of her. How I love those baby coos.

Rhem is still throwing tantrums, but is getting better at expressing what it is she wants. She has been drinking from “big girl cups” and putting more sentences together. She has also started singing actual songs. (for a while she would sing, but it would be all made up words… now she sings “Save me, save me, save me…” the intro to SmallVille, “Clean up, Clean up, Everybody!” her clean up song, and she has been learning her Alphabet song as well as the 7 days of the week) She loves to do things her self now, such as taking her clothes/coat on and off, putting her shoes on, brushing her hair/teeth, and opening doors. She also loves to call and talking to people on the phone. (and it is hilarious to watch her walk around and talk on the phone!)

Tonight we are having some friends over and I am making my famous Sweet & Spicy chicken and fried rice. Excited to have adult interaction after dealing with 3 toddlers who are having trouble listening and are being extremely loud and keep waking a sleeping baby this morning! Ahh. my sanity is lost this morning.

Well nap time is FINALLY here, so I must go and get these children to take naps, & hopefully I can enjoy some lunch in peace and quiet!




2 thoughts on “Slacking.

    • Thanks! I am starting to feel better since the procedure and they said bleeding can last up to a week from the surgery, so hopefully it will go away soon! And I am hoping EBF will help keep my menstrual cycle away for a few more months because I am tired of this! haha

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