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1.Rhemidy wanted to watch “Monkey George” (Curious George) so we put him on the lap top for her to watch, then we sat Hadi in her bumbo and placed her next to Rhem. Rhemidy thought it was so funny, then told Hadi all about George and could not stop smiling. Love watching them bond!
2.On Saturday morning I took some photos of a family I absolutely adore.
They are expecting baby number 3 in a matter of weeks! So exciting and I am hoping she has a girl! 🙂
3.On Saturday evening we celebrated my B-I-L birthday! My husband insisted that I make his cake princess theme. 🙂
4. On Sunday we went to Iowa City to celebrate our friend’s son 3rd birthday!
5. We also got to finally meet our friends daughter, Stella. She was born 19 hours before Hadiley. 🙂
6. We have been getting back into preschool time, and Rhem loves to stand in front of her friends and attempt to sing her ABC’s.
7.Such a happy baby! Ahhh!
8. Last night we had our friends for dinner and Rhem had miss Ryleigh to play with!

I am now in the process of spring cleaning, getting things ready for family babyshowers, and getting excited to meet my cousins little boy she had last night!



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