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1.We went to a baseball game last friday. Rhem had a blast!
2. Mother Nature is making up for our lack of rain last year. In other words, our back yard (as well as down town) is flooded.
3. I put Hadi in my cousin’s jumperoo so I could grab some food, Oh my gosh. She LOVED it. May need to get her one now.
4.Last night I made some delicious burritos. Tortilla with chicken, corn, tomatoes, garlic, pinto beans, spinach, brown rice, and a little bit of cheese. Mmm.
5. Love this one of Rhem. She was putting head bands on then saying, “Mommy, CHEEEEESE!” and kept wanting me to take her picture. haha love her!

Well my computer has decided to call it quits. Now having to us PJ’s computer, which I am still getting use to. (I hate windows 8) Since my photo editing software is only on my computer, I decided to download a trial of photoshop elements and I LOVE it. Sigh. Time to start saving money so I can buy it once this trial month is up. 🙂




IMG_2925_edited-2 IMG_2952_edited-1

My sweet little niece was born yesterday. Here is baby Toria. 8 1/2 pounds of perfection. 🙂

She makes baby number 4 born this year in our family. My daughter Hadiley was born at the beginning of February. My cousin’s son Aiden was born at the end of April. My other cousin’s son, Jase, was born last week. And now my sister’s daughter, Toria, was born yesterday. 2 more babies to come in the next month! I cannot wait to get a picture of all 6 of them together this fall!



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1. Seriously, she is always so happy!
2.The hair. The rolls. The Cheeks. How can you not love? haha
3. This bush just bloomed these beautiful flowers. Rhem loves going and smelling them.
4. The kids loved chasing this butterfly all around! Rhem even got a chance to hold it!
5. Mommy and Daddy had a movie night, while Rhem had her own little movie night with Curious George!
6. PJ was telling me what he imagined pregnancy to be like. haha
7. We took Rhem to get some Whitey’s ice cream.She loved it!
8. Hadiley enjoyed the outdoors while we enjoyed the ice cream!

Computer problems.

computer problems. :/ Hopefully it will resolve itself soon so I am able to do my fragments update with some pictures! but if I do not update for a few days, that is why. Hopefully if it doesnt fix itself, we will be able to get a new computer soon for me to use for pictures/blogging, otherwise I might start hogging my husbands computer! 🙂

xoxo brittney

When disaster strikes.

Oklahoma. My heart aches for you, but for some reason it seems to hurt more than it usually does when I hear about a disaster. Maybe it is because it seems like there as been so many disasters in the news lately, world news, national news, and local news. Bombs, fires, tornadoes, car accidents, chemical spray, sink holes, etc. Maybe it is because this time I know someone who lived extremely close to where the storm took place. They’re safe, but I know they most likely will know someone who passed away due to this storm, causing them more heart ache. Maybe it was a picture of a kid being pulled out of rubble, who happened to look identical to one of my cousins. (It was not my cousin, seeing as she doesn’t live in OK, but seriously, they could be twins!) Whatever the reason, I am thinking of you OK. I am praying for you OK. I am hurting for you OK.

Often times when disasters like this happen, the news is on repeat. Just constantly talking about what happened, and waiting for updates. Those updates we are waiting for usually consist of an increase in the number of deaths and injured. Often times I just wish it would take a break, bring some good stories that has nothing to do with the disaster. Not to minimize the tragedy, but to bring us a little joy and hope to our day, to encourage us, to give us inspiration on how we can then give some hope and light to those people impacted. Becuase (for me at least) when I am just seeing repeat stories of the destruction, I get the feeling of hopelessness. I feel the pain and the sadness of this world. I think about it constantly. (which isn’t necessarily bad) I think about how I want to help, but I have no ideas. I just feel hopeless. And then a week goes by, maybe one small story is in the news about the destruction. Usually a hero story. Brings us a smile, as well as reminding us a little of the pain. We say a little prayer as we think, “Oh yeah, I should pray that they are healing there…” then another week goes bye, and those who do not live by the disaster or have someone personally impacted tend to forget. We (read:I) needs some of the hope early on, so we can do something to help. Rather it is prayer, or sending supplies/money with redcross. Or perhaps taking a trip and helping clean up, re build, offering to play with children while parents get a moment to themselves to process what just happened. Anything to show we care. Anything that says, “We hear your cries, we’re here to help.”

I want to do something. I do not know what yet, unfortunately a trip there just isn’t financially possible of us, so perhaps it will be money (as much as we are able to give), donated, or maybe selling stuff to raise money to buy things for the community such as items for kids, clothes, school supplies, little things, necessities, as well as things just to bring a little joy.

Alright. In trying to bring a bit of joy to today, here’s my update for today.

I am finally feeling better!

Today is my beautiful niece, Leona’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Noney!

AND our cousin is currently in labor with her second boy! Praying for a fast, easy delivery for her!

IMG_2371d IMG_1365
Sweet Little “Noney” (As Rhem calls her) turns 5 today!

Love. peace. & prayers.


Case of the Mondays

As if Monday’s aren’t hard enough, I have the worse headache ever. On Friday I got mastitis, again. I tried to fight it off this time and not let it ruin my weekend, however it still kicked my butt. We did manage to have some fun this weekend, but I was exhausted and sore the whole weekend. :/

On Friday I had the daycare kiddos until 5 as usual. But I managed to clean up the living room and re arrange. It now has  a more open feel that we love! The hubs worked, then came home and fixed up our back yard so our dogs couldn’t escape. And had quiet family night at home.

On Saturday we were up by 7am (Hadiley’s choice, not ours) I was feeling worse then the night before but had a list of places to be. I had both girls and myself bathed, dressed, fed, and ready to leave by 9 am (Me:1 Mastitis:0). We headed out to the farmers market to look around and get some fresh produce. Rhem enjoyed jumping in a bounce house they had there & got a balloon from a clown, but all the walking around made my body ache even more, so we headed back home without getting anything.(Me:1 Mastitis:1) When we got home, PJ got put on daddy duty, while mom took a much needed nap! Later we went and hung out with some friends, then attended a birthday party for my niece! Usually I would have a million pictures to share, but I was just to exhausted.(Me:1 Mastitis: 2) By the time we got home I was in so much pain and just laid around for the rest of the night. Sunday was just a lazy day. I was feeling a lot better than I did Saturday night, but my head was pounding.

Today I am back to work, and this headache is still here. Hoping it will be gone by tomorrow because I am so over not feeling well.

Well the babes is sound asleep in my arms, and my stomach is rumbling so now i must quietly put her down so I can make myself some lunch!

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a day late, but here is fragments!
IMG_2246d IMG_2320 IMG_2373b IMG_2426 IMG_2442 IMG_2460 IMG_2471 IMG_2513 IMG_2520 IMG_2560 IMG_2613
1. For a mother’s day gift I gave my mom some updated framed pictures of her grandbabies. Rhem finally allowed me to take some pictures and she smiled for me!
2. Hadi turned 3 months old.
3. I got some adorable pictures of my niece, also.
4. Rhem was so excited to finally see daddy!
5. I made another cake & cupcakes for my sisters baby shower! (due in a little over a week)
6. Rhem loves exploring our big back yard!
7. My mom has been bringing over healthy smoothies in the morning, and Rhem really enjoys them along with me!
8. Our yard is FILLED with dandelions.
9. Hadi loves out side, especially when being worn.
10. Rhem had a fall and hit her forehead on her play chair. poor babes.
11. I have been crafting away, this is my favorite. A dream catcher head band!

Now I must got, I hear a toddler screaming that needs a time out! and smell some diapers that need to be changed. oh the joys of watch 5 kids under 4.


I think we skipped spring…

Here in Iowa I am pretty sure we skipped right over spring, we have gone from cold & snowy, straight into the high 80’s and 90’s. I am ready to go swimming! I really need to get a sprinkler for the kids, and get some more outside play equipment!

Anyways, we have been busy busy busy around here. (which I will post about tomorrow in “fragments”) Today I had planned for the kids to run around outside while I do some yard work, but Rhem woke up WAY to early, then got sun screen in her eyes, and so she is currently taking a nap 2 hours earlier than usual. Hadi is also napping, so the day care kids are quietly playing in the other room and lunch shall be started soon. I could tell today was going to be a rough day, considering Rhem woke up in a whinny mood. blah.

On a good note, (one of) my cousin will have her baby by next tuesday, and my sister is having her baby by the next following tuesdays. Yay babies! I am sure I will take an abundance of pictures to share. 🙂

This saturday feels like everyone has decided to host something. and each starts and hour apart. haha. One friend is having a grill out at 3. My niece’s party is at 4. and My friend is having a graduation party at 5. Wonderful weather comes, and our calender gets filled!

ok. I must go make some lunch and get this house ready for nap while the kids eat. Hopefully my kids will take an extra long nap so I can have some quiet time too!



Sunday is my favorite day. I love everything about Sundays, expect the fact that the next day is Monday, which means back to work. But let us not think about that. 🙂

Sundays mean church. Lunch with friends. Long afternoon naps. And now that it is nice outside, lots of playing, walking, and yard work.

Today we went to church. (& got there one time! whoot!) Had Noodles and Co for lunch. (Yum!) Came home & napped! Did a photo shoot with Hadiley. Played outside with Rhemidy. Baked some chicken to use for lunch this week. Did a little house work. & took a walk to the gas station up the street to get a snack. Now we are relaxing on the couch, feeling the breeze from outside flow into our house through the open windows. Mmm.

IMG_2044b IMG_2177b

When daddy is away…

…Mom will accomplish nothing.

Ahh. This past week my husband has been gone for some military schooling. Leaving me with my our two kids, and me running the daycare. I am exhausted. Right now the girls are napping, so I am having some time to myself watching “Silver lining playbook” and blogging.

I think I will just have this be a belated fragments, since I have a lot of cleaning that needs to be done! Hopefully next week I can start getting back into daily blogging!

IMG_1149 IMG_1247b IMG_1301 IMG_1340 IMG_1343 IMG_1364 IMG_1546 IMG_1628 IMG_1724d IMG_1746c
1.Hadi loves to sit up.
2.The weather was amazing last week and we spent much of the week outside playing.
3.My cousin gave birth to a sweet little boy named Aiden.
4.Rhem LOVES getting into my make up. That is Mascara on her eye and concealer on her lips! haha!

5.I made a cake for my sisters baby shower. She will be having a girl at the end of this month!
6.Rhemidy absolutely loves her cousin Leona.
7.Rhem has learned to go up the big rock wall latter on our playground in the backyard.
8.Hadi loves outdoors as well, but constantly wants to be held!
9.I tried to do Rhem’s 2 year photo shoot, but she just was not having it that day, but I did get a couple cute pictures!

10. Hadi is such a sweet, content baby. Ahh so blessed.

alright, while photos uploaded both girls woke up. Boo for short naps. Back to taking care of these crazy kiddos. 🙂

love. brittney