When daddy is away…

…Mom will accomplish nothing.

Ahh. This past week my husband has been gone for some military schooling. Leaving me with my our two kids, and me running the daycare. I am exhausted. Right now the girls are napping, so I am having some time to myself watching “Silver lining playbook” and blogging.

I think I will just have this be a belated fragments, since I have a lot of cleaning that needs to be done! Hopefully next week I can start getting back into daily blogging!

IMG_1149 IMG_1247b IMG_1301 IMG_1340 IMG_1343 IMG_1364 IMG_1546 IMG_1628 IMG_1724d IMG_1746c
1.Hadi loves to sit up.
2.The weather was amazing last week and we spent much of the week outside playing.
3.My cousin gave birth to a sweet little boy named Aiden.
4.Rhem LOVES getting into my make up. That is Mascara on her eye and concealer on her lips! haha!

5.I made a cake for my sisters baby shower. She will be having a girl at the end of this month!
6.Rhemidy absolutely loves her cousin Leona.
7.Rhem has learned to go up the big rock wall latter on our playground in the backyard.
8.Hadi loves outdoors as well, but constantly wants to be held!
9.I tried to do Rhem’s 2 year photo shoot, but she just was not having it that day, but I did get a couple cute pictures!

10. Hadi is such a sweet, content baby. Ahh so blessed.

alright, while photos uploaded both girls woke up. Boo for short naps. Back to taking care of these crazy kiddos. 🙂

love. brittney


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