Sunday is my favorite day. I love everything about Sundays, expect the fact that the next day is Monday, which means back to work. But let us not think about that. πŸ™‚

Sundays mean church. Lunch with friends. Long afternoon naps. And now that it is nice outside, lots of playing, walking, and yard work.

Today we went to church. (& got there one time! whoot!) Had Noodles and Co for lunch. (Yum!) Came home & napped! Did a photo shoot with Hadiley. Played outside with Rhemidy. Baked some chicken to use for lunch this week. Did a little house work. & took a walk to the gas station up the street to get a snack. Now we are relaxing on the couch, feeling the breeze from outside flow into our house through the open windows. Mmm.

IMG_2044b IMG_2177b


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