I think we skipped spring…

Here in Iowa I am pretty sure we skipped right over spring, we have gone from cold & snowy, straight into the high 80’s and 90’s. I am ready to go swimming! I really need to get a sprinkler for the kids, and get some more outside play equipment!

Anyways, we have been busy busy busy around here. (which I will post about tomorrow in “fragments”) Today I had planned for the kids to run around outside while I do some yard work, but Rhem woke up WAY to early, then got sun screen in her eyes, and so she is currently taking a nap 2 hours earlier than usual. Hadi is also napping, so the day care kids are quietly playing in the other room and lunch shall be started soon. I could tell today was going to be a rough day, considering Rhem woke up in a whinny mood. blah.

On a good note, (one of) my cousin will have her baby by next tuesday, and my sister is having her baby by the next following tuesdays. Yay babies! I am sure I will take an abundance of pictures to share. šŸ™‚

This saturday feels like everyone has decided to host something. and each starts and hour apart. haha. One friend is having a grill out at 3. My niece’s party is at 4. and My friend is having a graduation party at 5. Wonderful weather comes, and our calender gets filled!

ok. I must go make some lunch and get this house ready for nap while the kids eat. Hopefully my kids will take an extra long nap so I can have some quiet time too!



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