a day late, but here is fragments!
IMG_2246d IMG_2320 IMG_2373b IMG_2426 IMG_2442 IMG_2460 IMG_2471 IMG_2513 IMG_2520 IMG_2560 IMG_2613
1. For a mother’s day gift I gave my mom some updated framed pictures of her grandbabies. Rhem finally allowed me to take some pictures and she smiled for me!
2. Hadi turned 3 months old.
3. I got some adorable pictures of my niece, also.
4. Rhem was so excited to finally see daddy!
5. I made another cake & cupcakes for my sisters baby shower! (due in a little over a week)
6. Rhem loves exploring our big back yard!
7. My mom has been bringing over healthy smoothies in the morning, and Rhem really enjoys them along with me!
8. Our yard is FILLED with dandelions.
9. Hadi loves out side, especially when being worn.
10. Rhem had a fall and hit her forehead on her play chair. poor babes.
11. I have been crafting away, this is my favorite. A dream catcher head band!

Now I must got, I hear a toddler screaming that needs a time out! and smell some diapers that need to be changed. oh the joys of watch 5 kids under 4.



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