Case of the Mondays

As if Monday’s aren’t hard enough, I have the worse headache ever. On Friday I got mastitis, again. I tried to fight it off this time and not let it ruin my weekend, however it still kicked my butt. We did manage to have some fun this weekend, but I was exhausted and sore the whole weekend. :/

On Friday I had the daycare kiddos until 5 as usual. But I managed to clean up the living room and re arrange. It now has  a more open feel that we love! The hubs worked, then came home and fixed up our back yard so our dogs couldn’t escape. And had quiet family night at home.

On Saturday we were up by 7am (Hadiley’s choice, not ours) I was feeling worse then the night before but had a list of places to be. I had both girls and myself bathed, dressed, fed, and ready to leave by 9 am (Me:1 Mastitis:0). We headed out to the farmers market to look around and get some fresh produce. Rhem enjoyed jumping in a bounce house they had there & got a balloon from a clown, but all the walking around made my body ache even more, so we headed back home without getting anything.(Me:1 Mastitis:1) When we got home, PJ got put on daddy duty, while mom took a much needed nap! Later we went and hung out with some friends, then attended a birthday party for my niece! Usually I would have a million pictures to share, but I was just to exhausted.(Me:1 Mastitis: 2) By the time we got home I was in so much pain and just laid around for the rest of the night. Sunday was just a lazy day. I was feeling a lot better than I did Saturday night, but my head was pounding.

Today I am back to work, and this headache is still here. Hoping it will be gone by tomorrow because I am so over not feeling well.

Well the babes is sound asleep in my arms, and my stomach is rumbling so now i must quietly put her down so I can make myself some lunch!

IMG_2635 IMG_2651 IMG_2656



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