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1.We went to a baseball game last friday. Rhem had a blast!
2. Mother Nature is making up for our lack of rain last year. In other words, our back yard (as well as down town) is flooded.
3. I put Hadi in my cousin’s jumperoo so I could grab some food, Oh my gosh. She LOVED it. May need to get her one now.
4.Last night I made some delicious burritos. Tortilla with chicken, corn, tomatoes, garlic, pinto beans, spinach, brown rice, and a little bit of cheese. Mmm.
5. Love this one of Rhem. She was putting head bands on then saying, “Mommy, CHEEEEESE!” and kept wanting me to take her picture. haha love her!

Well my computer has decided to call it quits. Now having to us PJ’s computer, which I am still getting use to. (I hate windows 8) Since my photo editing software is only on my computer, I decided to download a trial of photoshop elements and I LOVE it. Sigh. Time to start saving money so I can buy it once this trial month is up. 🙂



2 thoughts on “fragments.

  1. Gorgeous photos as usual! If you know someone who is a full time student, you can ask them to buy and register Photoshop for you – it’s at least 1/4 of the regular retail price and it’s the same exact program. They can buy it through Adobe’s website – there is an academic link or through a website like Academic Superstore where it’s often cheaper. I would be lost without my Photoshop!

  2. Beautiful photos! My baby LOVES his jumperoo as well! We found it looking like new in a consignment store and it has been some of the best money spent! Even when he’s not in it, he just wants to jump!

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