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K is turning one and S is turning 3 and I got the privilege to take their pictures. Two adorable kids.Both shoots went awesome and both kids were filled with smiles! Hope their mommies and daddies love the pictures as much as I do! 🙂



A wonderful weekend

IMG_4762 IMG_4899b IMG_4937 IMG_4988

We spent this weekend hanging outwith some friends who moved to Iowa City and celebrating one of their son’s 7th birthday. It was great catching up, Rhem loved playing with all the kids, and Hadi had her friend Stella to hangout with!(Stell and Hadi are just a day apart!) Rhem also did a craft for Father’s Day. I hope everyone else had a great father’s day!

love. brittney

4 months.

Hadi turned 4 months last week. I cannot believe how big she is getting already, time is flying bye. She can roll over, she reaches and plays with toys, she loves to blow raspberries, (my husband and I were just talking about this, what do you call it when close your lips and blow, making a duck/fart type sound? Often times on kids bellys or face that tickles and makes them laugh? I remember my aunt calling them Raspberries so that’s what I refer to them as, but I have heard a few different names, as well as people (read:my husband) say he has never used a name for it), She laughs and smiles constantly, she sleeps awesome during the night, she LOVES baths & showers with mom, she loves to be worn in a sling, just LOVES her jumperroo, and Likes to sit in her bumbo or bouncer and watch the kiddos play. Her eyes are still very blue/grey. Her hair is a light brown. Her skin is pale white. (haha)

Here are the extras from her 4 month picture. (each month I take her picture next to a big elephant to mark her growth, I did the same for her big sis Rhem 🙂 )
IMG_3544 IMG_3546 IMG_3558 IMG_3576 IMG_3577 IMG_3581

Happy 4 months, beautiful!

What have I been doing lately?

Once again, I have been slacking on updating. I apologize. Whenever I read blogs, I always look for one who often update with pictures. I love being able to get a glimpse into others lives. To me, the more pictures, the better. So today I give you a post with lots of pictures to make up for being gone. 🙂

So what have we’ve been up to? Well we have had my niece Leona over, Hadiley has been growing (4 months already!), we have been baby wearing, playing in mud, going on walks, sunning diapers, celebrating PJ’s birthday, playing, playing, playing, and even scheduled in a trip to the zoo. 🙂
IMG_3042 IMG_3113 IMG_3228 IMG_3269b IMG_3354 IMG_3419b IMG_3472 IMG_3529 IMG_3582 IMG_3616 IMG_3675 IMG_3700 IMG_3715 IMG_3720 IMG_3744 IMG_3800