4 months.

Hadi turned 4 months last week. I cannot believe how big she is getting already, time is flying bye. She can roll over, she reaches and plays with toys, she loves to blow raspberries, (my husband and I were just talking about this, what do you call it when close your lips and blow, making a duck/fart type sound? Often times on kids bellys or face that tickles and makes them laugh? I remember my aunt calling them Raspberries so that’s what I refer to them as, but I have heard a few different names, as well as people (read:my husband) say he has never used a name for it), She laughs and smiles constantly, she sleeps awesome during the night, she LOVES baths & showers with mom, she loves to be worn in a sling, just LOVES her jumperroo, and Likes to sit in her bumbo or bouncer and watch the kiddos play. Her eyes are still very blue/grey. Her hair is a light brown. Her skin is pale white. (haha)

Here are the extras from her 4 month picture. (each month I take her picture next to a big elephant to mark her growth, I did the same for her big sis Rhem 🙂 )
IMG_3544 IMG_3546 IMG_3558 IMG_3576 IMG_3577 IMG_3581

Happy 4 months, beautiful!


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