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1.On the last day of June we celebrated the 1st birthday of our friend’s son, Killian.
2. At Killian’s birthday
Rhem became besties with Killian’s cousin Kendell.
3.Hadi is almost always being worn. The Moby and Ring Sling are her favorites, but mommy loves her Mei Tai
4. We have been spending a LOT of time at parks. Rhem is getting awesome at climbing on weird (dangerous) stairs.
5. But, of course, her favorite thing at the parks is the swings!

We have a fun weekend ahead of us, with dinner on a boat tonight, a wedding tomorrow, and Nena’s house on Sunday. We have also been taking lots of walks/runs and My husband and I have been replacing our lunches with protien shakes and I am down 5lbs in one week. Woo. Hoping to keep it up and keep shredding this baby weight!

love. brittney


Drive In Adventure

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Last week we took the girls to their very first drive in movie. Rhem was a little confused on what we were doing but lit up when she saw they had a little kid train to ride on. We ended up seeing Man and Steel (which PJ was really excited to see)I thought it was good, but I think I had extremely high hopes for it (we recently just watched the whole series of Smallville) and it just didn’t live up to the high expectations I had. Towards the end of Man of Steel both girls passed out. The next movie was World War Z. O.M.Gosh. I LOVED that movie. However, if the world DOES end in a Zombie Apocalypse they better not be fast like they are in WWZ or we are all screwed. haha Hopefully we will be heading back up there in the next week so Rhem can see Monsters U, because I think she will enjoy that much more! 🙂 (Oh, and what a beautiful sunset!)


Oh hey there

I am still around. Unfortunately our wifi is currently down, and with our office room under construction, being on the internet is a rare occurrence in this house currently, which has obviously restricted me from updating. (while I type this, standing, in the corner of the kitchen, I hear little Hads fussing, so this shall be short and sweet.)

Not to much to update one. Summer and Thunderstorms have rolled our way. Rhem is loving spending as much time as possible outside, and Hadi seems to love just laying on a blanket in the shade. She (Hadi) now rolls all around. She constantly is reaching for toys to play with and loves to jump. Rhemidy seems she has aged into an older child. She is so helpful, becoming rather polite, and starting to memorize more and more songs! (and she LOVES to sing to us.)

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