Oh hey there

I am still around. Unfortunately our wifi is currently down, and with our office room under construction, being on the internet is a rare occurrence in this house currently, which has obviously restricted me from updating. (while I type this, standing, in the corner of the kitchen, I hear little Hads fussing, so this shall be short and sweet.)

Not to much to update one. Summer and Thunderstorms have rolled our way. Rhem is loving spending as much time as possible outside, and Hadi seems to love just laying on a blanket in the shade. She (Hadi) now rolls all around. She constantly is reaching for toys to play with and loves to jump. Rhemidy seems she has aged into an older child. She is so helpful, becoming rather polite, and starting to memorize more and more songs! (and she LOVES to sing to us.)

IMG_5181 IMG_8474


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