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1.On the last day of June we celebrated the 1st birthday of our friend’s son, Killian.
2. At Killian’s birthday
Rhem became besties with Killian’s cousin Kendell.
3.Hadi is almost always being worn. The Moby and Ring Sling are her favorites, but mommy loves her Mei Tai
4. We have been spending a LOT of time at parks. Rhem is getting awesome at climbing on weird (dangerous) stairs.
5. But, of course, her favorite thing at the parks is the swings!

We have a fun weekend ahead of us, with dinner on a boat tonight, a wedding tomorrow, and Nena’s house on Sunday. We have also been taking lots of walks/runs and My husband and I have been replacing our lunches with protien shakes and I am down 5lbs in one week. Woo. Hoping to keep it up and keep shredding this baby weight!

love. brittney


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