My Big Girl

Rhem has been telling me, “Mom, I not a baby! Hadi is a baby, I a big girl!” and (sadly) she is right. At the beginning of this month we started Preschool back up, She loves to learn and sing songs and knows majority of her letters, shapes, colors, and numbers now. She also has so many songs memorized, one being “Never Ever Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift. (I don’t even know how she learned that song, considering we rarely listen to music that isn’t worship/Christian music)

Rhem is OBSESSED with dresses, and that is all she wants to wear. (skirts count as dress too, according to her) She is honestly an amazing help around the house and the best big sister. My mom said the other day she picked up up from bible school and all the kids were running out the door to their parents to leave, and Rhem was happily cleaning up by herself and telling “Nena” to hold on because she needs to clean up the toys. She is becoming such a beautiful soul and child. I love watching her play and learn and grow. She of course has her moments of tantrums and attitude but most of the time she is my sweet baby big girl Rhemi.
IMG_0475  IMG_0613 IMG_0642 IMG_0643 IMG_0718


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