Fried Nutella Sandwich, say whaaat?

First I would like to announce that I have…. WIRELESS INTERNET AGAIN!!!!!!! Wooooo! Now I can keep up with my blogging!

Ok, now to this post. I imagine that all of you are sitting around thinking to yourselves, “Hmmm, I could really go for a fast, easy, DELICIOUS, and completely unhealthy breakfast right now!” Well I am here to say, I have that dish for you.

First we are going to start with some bread, I only have some cheap white bread left, but of course you can try to make this dish healthier by using whole wheat bread.IMG_0788
Spread some delicious Nutella on one piece of bread. Top with other slice of bread to make it a sandwich. IMG_0790
Next, mix a small batch of pancake mix. You can make some from scratch, or use a whole wheat mix again if you would like to make it healthy, but really, what’s the point? lolIMG_0791
Now, dip your Nutella Sandwich into the pancake batter. Getting both side completely covered. IMG_0793

Now fry your sandwich in hot Veggie oil until golden brown on all sides.IMG_0795
Cut in half, top with a little powder sugar, and Enjoy, because later you will have a very long workout to burn all these calories haha.

(this recipe has been approved by my 2 year old daughter, and myself)



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