New tricks

Well, my 9 month old has started to walk. Yesterday I was watching her run around the house, pushing a baby doll stroller, when suddenly she stoped and pushed the stroller a few feet in front of her. She then looked at me, smiled, then walked by herself to get the stroller. I sat there watching with a flood of emotions wiping over me. Excitement. Joy. Pride. Followed by some sadness in the fact she is growing so fast. Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited to see her grow and become a little lady like Rhem and watch them interact even more together. However, I still want my sweet, little cuddle baby. I’m not ready to have TWO toddlers. πŸ™‚


My 24 day challenge with Advocare is going great. I am at day 16 and have lost 10-12 pounds. Clothes are fitting MUCH better, and I am feeling a lot better and have more energy! The first 12 days, I honestly didn’t work out as much as I had planned. (ok, like at all… I think in 12 days I worked out a total of 3 or 4 days? oops. lol) I have started to work out more, and more intense. I love seeing that I am weighing less, but I still have a lot of things to slim down and tone up. The hardest part for me was the fiber drink. Gag. Literally. I am very happy that I am on phase two and do not even have to look at that horrible drink. πŸ™‚ (I do have to say that the fiber drink and pro-biotic did help tremendously in making me feel much better and “regular”…tmi?) Ha. I am excited to continue to do this challenge, and definitely know a lot of this product will stay in my every day life after the 24 days.

My sweet, sweet Rhem. She amazes me everyday. With her passion to learn, and her very sweet, tender heart. While, she can be a handful at times, I already can see that she is going to do amazing things when she gets older. She, of course, has her moments of not playing nice with other kids, but most of the time she is very observant and gets flustered when people are left out or are upset. She is my little noticer. She pays close attention to everything and very brave for her age. She loves to venture around, even in dark rooms and by herself. She reminds me so much of myself. Very sensitive and unable to control our emotions. Loves to explore and takes in everything around her. I remember the first time I notice her shopping in the fabric store with me and she had to feel every piece of fabric we passed. I do this. Rather it is a fabric store, shopping for clothes, or walking around a new place I have never been. I have to have my hand out so I can feel every. little. thing. Often times I am not even looking at the things directly next to me, My eyes are searching all over the place, but my hands continue to touch everything I pass, and if is especially soft or “different” I will stop and look it over. I am so excited to watch her grow and see the young lady she will become. I know most people dread the teenage years, the emotions, the hormones, the attitudes, and I understand that all. I mean,Β  5 years ago, I was still a teenager. However, I think kids can be taught to love, and not get sucked up in what this world is “expecting” of us. I no way was a perfect kid, I made mistakes, sometimes I made the same mistake a few times. However, I did beat the statistics. My mom was a teen mom. I was not. My dad is in prison. I have never been in trouble with the law. I didn’t drink or have sex in highschool. I am not naieve. I do know there will be days where I will probably want to rip my hair out, or get extremely frustrated. But I chose to believe, that my girls will respect theselves and not believe all the lies of this world and fall into this belief that “the bible is old” and “things are different” and as long as you are a nice person, salvation is yours. (and of course I know that I cannot just believe that they will turn out that way, it takes me teaching them, and showing them how to love each other and themselves. And I pray that I am able to do that.)

Alright, I must go.



Happy Veterans Day

Β IMG_0819-2
My husband in Afghanistan in 2011.1469897_10201699747753523_464841388_n
My Husband, Me, and Rhem at his Coming Home Ceremony.

Happy Veterans Day to all our awesome men and women who serve in our military. (as well as all the past military men and women) I am blessed with a Grandpa, Uncle, and Step-brother who have all served in the Marines. As well as marry a man who him, and 2 of his brothers serves in the Army. And my Father-in-law was in the Air force.

On another note, miss Hadiley turned NINE months last week. Where has time gone? She is almost walking, eating real food, and is into EVERYTHING. I love my chucky, little blue eyed girl!


Belated Halloween

IMG_1448 IMG_1449 IMG_1453 IMG_1461 IMG_1465 IMG_1474 IMG_1476 IMG_1478 IMG_1481 IMG_1491
Well this is a couple weeks late, but they always say, “better late than never!” right?!

Well our pumpkins this year: Pj’s- A tree with a creepy face. Mine- two arrows. Rhem- Hello Kitty. Hadi- decorated with black marker by Rhem lol

I have made Rhem’s costume every year thus far. I usually pick what she will be. For her 1st Halloween she was Princess Belle. For her 2nd Halloween she was Little Red Riding Hood. This year she told me, “Mom, I want to be Dora!” to later say, “Mom, I want to be a princess!” which I replied with, “I thought you wanted to be Dora?” then she finally decided, “I want to be a Dora Princess!!!!!”
So I made her a Princess dress in the colors of Hot Pink and Orange like Dora wears. I also made her a little crown and a purple Backpack as her trick or treat bag. And since Rhem was Dora, it only made sense for Hadi to be Boots. I had a blast making these outfits and can’t wait to see what we come up with next year! (unfortunately it was very rainy on Halloween night, so we didn’t spend much time outside trick or treating, but the girls still had a blast!)

On Halloween day we also made little treat bags with the kids footprints painted to look like candy corn. πŸ™‚


Beautiful Fall Day

IMG_2014 IMG_2060

Lately it has been rather chilly and lots of overcast, so I was very excited when I saw that today had a high of 59 and sunny. So as soon as we got ready this morning, we headed down town to a gorgeous park to play and snap some pictures. The girls had a blast running around (or crawling around) and I loved to watch them play and catch some pictures of them in action. The are just so filled of joy and have such a love for one another. Although, in most pictures Hadi looks as if we are punishing her by having to hang with her big sis. πŸ™‚

(And I am in day 4 of the 24 day Challenge with Advocare, although it has been tough, giving up my love of bread and milk chocolate…oooh and caramel, I have noticed changed in my appearance already and feeling great! I do not know what I am more excited about, to get to day 24 and see the results, or get to day 24 and eat a delicious cheesy pizza with some chocolate chip cookies! haha)

love & peace.

My new adventure

I am taking on a new adventure thatΒ  I am very excited about. To help continue weight lose, and possibly bring in a little more money, I have decided to sell Advocare. (For those who have not heard of Advocare, it is a company that helps with 4 main areas of life. “Trim” for weight management, “Active” for active lifestyles, “Well” for overall health and wellness, and “Performance Elite” for those building muscle.)

I am being this journey with the “24 Day Challenge” where I basically take on a Paleo diet for 24 days (no flour, no dairy, no processed food, no soda, etc. All lean protein and lots of fruits and veggies) and load up with vitamins and minerals that help get bad fat out, keep and use good fat to help slim and gain muscle. I started day 1 of the 24 day challenge today and will end on he day after Thanksgiving. (although, I will have to cheat a little bit on thanksgiving… I mean come on, how could I pass up on all the delicious casseroles! πŸ™‚ )

I will not turn this blog into a Advocare/weight loss only blog, but I will give updates on my progress from time to time so people can see exactly how it is working for me and hear my struggles and what is working/helping me get to my goal size.

This is my “Station” that has my calender of what I am suppose to take/eat and at what time I need to do it. I have it very organized so I don’t have days where I am deciding what I should eat, because that would cause me to just give in to something “easy” that isn’t so healthy and “clean.”IMG_1874
I also have ideas of what are good fruits, veggies, fats, carbs, and protein, as well as how much of each thing I can eat with a meal or for a snack.IMG_1875
And a reminder of the foods/drinks I need to stay away from. I also put a reminder that I may be giving a lot of my favorite things up (chocolate, bread, cheese) but it is only for 24 days and I will gain more energy and feel much better about myself.IMG_1876
These are the products I am taking with the Paleo type diet. I have Meal Replacement shake for the mornings instead of breakfast. Spark is my energy drink that is filled with vitamins and has no sugar. (basically Spark is my coffee for the next 24 days) Fiber drink to help fill me up and “regulate” everything. Probiotics that helps with the “well” feeling. Omegaplex that is another great vitamin that will help keep good fat and get rid of the bad fat to help slim me out. (also is great for breastfeeding the baby!) and MNS Max 3 vitamins that helps boost my metabolism and control appetite. I also will be working out atleast 3 times a week to help. (nothing crazy, jogging 2 days a week, and doing at home 30 min workouts the other 3 days)

After this 24 days, I will keep the meal replacements and spark, change up some vitamins, and continue to eat healthy. I will bring back some of the foods I have cut out, but definitely keep it in a good moderation soΒ  that I remain feeling awesome and not start putting weight back on. (no way I could live a life that doesn’t have chocolate, cheese, and bread! haha)

Well, I am very excited and if anything I hope this journey will help anyone else who might be having trouble losing weight and has been looking for something that actually works.

If anyone wants to look more into the product you can visit my website to see all the products and how they work.


Sweet Potato and Curry Soup.

It has been way to long since I have written on here. Today’s entry is a delicious recipe that I have been obsessed with this week. Sweet Potato and Curry Soup. Perfect for these cold fall nights. Enjoy. πŸ™‚

3 POUNDS- Sweet Potatoes
1 Apple (I used honey crisp)
1 1/2 T Yellow Curry spice
1/2 of a Sweet Onion
1 t Pumpkin Spice
1t black pepper
Salt (I used about 1/2 T)
1 t Nutmeg
1-2 T fresh ginger (or use 1/2 T of powder ginger)
4 Cups of Broth (I used chicken broth, but you could use Vegetable broth to keep it vegetarian)
2 Cups of Coconut Milk

In a Large pot, put a little olive oil and butter over medium heat. Add chopped up onions and ginger as well as all the spices.Image
Cook until onions caramelize. (about 3-5 minutes)
While the onions and ginger are cooking, peel and chop apple and sweet potatoes into bite size pieces.Image
Add to onions. Then pour in broth and coconut milk. Image
Bring to boil and cook for 20-25 minutes. (Until apples and sweet potatoes are soft) Use a blender to mash together. (I didn’t have a hand blender, so I had to spoon out into my smoothie blender, works the same just takes a bit more time and be careful because it is hot!)

Top with a little greek yogurt or some spiced pumpkin seeds. Yum!