My new adventure

I am taking on a new adventure that  I am very excited about. To help continue weight lose, and possibly bring in a little more money, I have decided to sell Advocare. (For those who have not heard of Advocare, it is a company that helps with 4 main areas of life. “Trim” for weight management, “Active” for active lifestyles, “Well” for overall health and wellness, and “Performance Elite” for those building muscle.)

I am being this journey with the “24 Day Challenge” where I basically take on a Paleo diet for 24 days (no flour, no dairy, no processed food, no soda, etc. All lean protein and lots of fruits and veggies) and load up with vitamins and minerals that help get bad fat out, keep and use good fat to help slim and gain muscle. I started day 1 of the 24 day challenge today and will end on he day after Thanksgiving. (although, I will have to cheat a little bit on thanksgiving… I mean come on, how could I pass up on all the delicious casseroles! 🙂 )

I will not turn this blog into a Advocare/weight loss only blog, but I will give updates on my progress from time to time so people can see exactly how it is working for me and hear my struggles and what is working/helping me get to my goal size.

This is my “Station” that has my calender of what I am suppose to take/eat and at what time I need to do it. I have it very organized so I don’t have days where I am deciding what I should eat, because that would cause me to just give in to something “easy” that isn’t so healthy and “clean.”IMG_1874
I also have ideas of what are good fruits, veggies, fats, carbs, and protein, as well as how much of each thing I can eat with a meal or for a snack.IMG_1875
And a reminder of the foods/drinks I need to stay away from. I also put a reminder that I may be giving a lot of my favorite things up (chocolate, bread, cheese) but it is only for 24 days and I will gain more energy and feel much better about myself.IMG_1876
These are the products I am taking with the Paleo type diet. I have Meal Replacement shake for the mornings instead of breakfast. Spark is my energy drink that is filled with vitamins and has no sugar. (basically Spark is my coffee for the next 24 days) Fiber drink to help fill me up and “regulate” everything. Probiotics that helps with the “well” feeling. Omegaplex that is another great vitamin that will help keep good fat and get rid of the bad fat to help slim me out. (also is great for breastfeeding the baby!) and MNS Max 3 vitamins that helps boost my metabolism and control appetite. I also will be working out atleast 3 times a week to help. (nothing crazy, jogging 2 days a week, and doing at home 30 min workouts the other 3 days)

After this 24 days, I will keep the meal replacements and spark, change up some vitamins, and continue to eat healthy. I will bring back some of the foods I have cut out, but definitely keep it in a good moderation so  that I remain feeling awesome and not start putting weight back on. (no way I could live a life that doesn’t have chocolate, cheese, and bread! haha)

Well, I am very excited and if anything I hope this journey will help anyone else who might be having trouble losing weight and has been looking for something that actually works.

If anyone wants to look more into the product you can visit my website to see all the products and how they work.



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