An exhausted mom and a slow computer.

Okay, I promise I have not forgotten about you all. I have actually gone to written a few new entries, and halfway through I get distracted and never end up publishing them. Last week I had a new kid to watch, and she WORE ME OUT. Being new, she was very clingy and would scream whenever I left the room, this took a tole on our kids as well. Seeing as when the weekend finally arrived, Rhem turned into a monster who wanted attention at all moments of the day, and if she was told to wait, she would SCREAM like never before. Things are finally starting to get back to normal, however, Hadiley is now sick. Blah. I need a nap… or five.

Any ways, on a happier (?) note, Hadiley is now 10 months old. How did 10 months pass already?! How is it December 2013 already!?!? Ahh.

Well my sweet 10 month old daughter is growing like crazy. She is 25 pounds already, (at 10 months, Rhemidy is two years older and only 5 pounds heavier! ha!) She can walk, she can say Mama and Dada, She waves hello and goodbye, She gives High-fives, She claps, She climbs stairs and onto chairs, and She LOVES to dance. She is such a joy and I cannot imagine life without this amazing love bug.

IMG_3131 IMG_3137 IMG_3141

Rhemidy is so in love with Hadiley as well. I could not have dreamed of Rhemi being so amazing with her. She often times refers to Hadi as her “Sweetheart” and claps every time Hadiley does something (even if she has been doing it for months) and loves to help her with anything she needs. Every day I look at Rhemidy, I am amazed a how old she seems. She is so smart and has the best heart. She, of course, has her moments where I want to pull my hair out, but then she gives me that silly little smile and says, “I lub you mommy! You are so PEWtiful!” (beautiful)
Clearly I am blessed beyond what I could have ever imagined. Thank you God for two, beautiful, sweet, amazing, and healthy (besides Hadi’s cold) girls. 🙂IMG_2559

Love. & Merry Christmas