All in a year

I cannot believe we are towards the end of February 2014. Last year honestly felt like it passed by in a blink of an eye. Today’s entry is a look back of last year. At the beginning of last year I made a list of things I wanted for 2013. Including meeting my beautiful girl Hadiley, traveling more, making more family memories, bake and cook more, and getting healthy. I am happy to say all of these things happened.
One last date night with having an only child in January.IMG_6286
Meeting sweet, baby Hadiley in February.IMG_6725
After a week in the NICU, Rhem finally getting to know her sister on Valentines Day.IMG_7611 IMG_7633
Building Rhemidy’s first snow man in February.IMG_8285
Rhemidy’s first time Easter egg hunting in March.392593_10151551167530140_2045987755_n
We celebrated Rhemidy turning 2 with a Red Riding Hood theme in March.IMG_9379
Lasagna inspired pita pocket sandwich.tn1 tn6
Hadiley’s first big trip to Nashville Tennessee for a wedding for our dear friend Boo in April.IMG_1301
We met a new, and unexpected, second cousin in April.IMG_1343 IMG_2442
I baked and decorated many cakes for baby showers and birthdays.IMG_2952_edited-1
The girls met their new beautiful cousin, Toria in May.IMG_3269b IMG_3419b
We took many family walks and jumped in every puddle.IMG_3675 IMG_3744
We visited the zoo a few times during the summer.IMG_4937
We went swimming whenever we got a chance.IMG_4899b IMG_4762
We visited friends who moved an hour away.IMG_8966
We tried out the new water park down town.IMG_9015
We took Hadiley to see her first fireworks, and Rhem enjoyed Popsicles in July. IMG_8691
We took the girls for their very first drive in movie. IMG_9208
We took many walks to a park a couple miles away. IMG_0443
We met the Duggars, a family I look up too for their love for one another and family values. IMG_2060
We made sure to get some pictures of all four of us. Although I really should print some out!IMG_1461 IMG_1478
We celebrated Hadiley’s first Halloween and Rhemidy picked out what they would be. And I made the costumes in October.
We celebrated this little Turkey’s first Thanksgiving in November. 🙂IMG_2397
We cut down our first every real Christmas tree in November.
We celebrated Hadiley’s first Christmas in December.
edit3 (1 of 1)
And in Decemeber we found out we will be adding another arrow to our family this summer.

What an amazing year, and I am so excited for all that 2014 has in store for us!



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