what makes it feel like home

I could go on and on (as could my husband) about all the things that drive us crazy about our house. Things that need to be done (and I am not talking about just little paint jobs, like floors that are ripped up and need to be relaid and walls that need to be re-dry walled, etc, etc.) and how we wish our house looked like. But then I remind myself how blessed we are to have a roof over our heads, with enough room for our family, dog, and daycare kids to roam around. So today I am focusing on the things in our house that I love and make it more than just a house, but our home.

a dream catcher that I have had since I was little.IMG_4921
my girls play kitchen, next to my “big” kitchen so they can cook along with me.IMG_4923
our china cabniet that we found for a steal at a DAV to keep our treasures.IMG_4926 IMG_4927
including my willow tree collection… IMG_4930
as well as the cake topper from our wedding…IMG_4933 IMG_4934
and some of my favorite books. IMG_4936
our giant bed in our big open room.IMG_4939
Rhemidy’s closet door that I painted with flowers and have been tracking her growth. IMG_4942
and a picture in our bathroom, that I had in my childhood home’s bathroom of a little girl carrying a doll. I love this picture because the girl looks like me and has a doll that looks so much like a doll I use to have, and now Rhemidy looks like the girl in the picture.
and of course, our giant back yard. (it goes beyond the chain-link fence to that line of trees, It hasnt been used much this winter with how horribly cold has been) Although in the summer it is a PAIN to mow, taking 2 hours on our rider, it has so much room for having friends over for parties, and bon fires, and the taking the kids exploring.



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