the things she says.

Some recent quotes from the one and only Rhemidy.

“Mom! Did you put these grapes on my plate?!! OHH I am SO excited to eat them!”

(looks at Hadiley)”You’re a pretty lady.”

(places play phone to her ear) “Mom, I am on the phone with my dad, you need to wait a minute and be quiet please.”

(while watching the Hunger Games, Catching fire, girl gets naked in elevator, you don’t see any private parts, thankfully, but you can tell she is taking clothes off and when she walks out you see her from behind (not her behind) that she doesn’t have a shirt) “Ummm, why did that girl get naked? There were boys.” (smart girl 😉 )

(daily question) “Mom! Why can’t Hadiley talk to me!?!” (or ‘why isn’t she saying hello back to me, etc.)

(trying to learn that we need to listen to mom and dad) “When I listen, I not funny :/, but when I LISTEN, I am funny! 🙂 ”

(talking about her upcoming birthday and turning three years old)” MOM I AM NOT THREE! I TWO!!!” “Rhem, I know you are two, but you are going to turn three next month.” “NO I AM TWO!!!!!!”

(after going potty) “Mom, I think I have a baby in my belly, like you!”

IMG_5060 IMG_5062 IMG_5070 IMG_5075 IMG_5079 IMG_5082 IMG_5093


One thought on “the things she says.

  1. Oh my gosh! The things that come out of their mouths at that age is just incredible! My niece does this whole “Ava not funny, Ava rude” thing when we get upset at her and I want to die laughing, but I have to keep it together for the sake of discipline. 🙂 Your girls are so beautiful and smart and thoughtful and kind to one another – you’re doing such a great job! Love the photos (as usual) and all of Rhem’s fabulous faces!

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