IMG_5668 IMG_5708 IMG_5713
1. Rhemidy was ignoring me outside and kept running from the camera with a smirk on her face.
2. Hadiley is in love with outside. If I let her, she would spend all day out there, even though it hasn’t even hit the 40’s yet today.
3. Baby 3. 19 weeks, 2 days. (we find out gender in 5 days! 🙂 )


2 thoughts on “4/52

  1. I really love this once a week series you are doing! Your girls remind me so much of my nieces! So excited to find out what you are having with #3! Love the bump pics! Just really love all your pics in general!

    • Thank you! I like it too, because it helps me keep track of the physical, emotional, and verbal changes in my girls, as well as reminding me to update and continue blogging. I am hoping to start doing more series, of like baking with the girls once a week and posting recipes and a craft a week (or maybe a month, don’t want to take one too many projects! haha) Hoping to hear wonderful news from you this week as well!

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