and we’re having a…

IMG_5910 IMG_5917 IMG_5923 IMG_5924 IMG_5937 IMG_5944 IMG_5951

It’s a BOY!!


2 thoughts on “and we’re having a…

  1. Great photos!! I love the one where the ultrasound pic is in focus and Rhem is looking back at Hadi – it’s like they can barely contain their excitement and Rhem just wants to hug and squeeze Hadi – love it, so full of emotion!

    • Ah I know. Rhem is awesome, and is very excited for her baby brother. She is an amazing big sister, I hope Hadiley loves her brother as much as Rhem has loved her. It shall be interesting transitioning from 2-3 kids. 1-2 was a breeze because how awesome Rhemi was, but Hadiley is waaaay different then Rhem, and a little bossy and clingy. But she has suddenly falling deeply in love with baby dolls, so hopefully she will fill the same way about her brother!

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