park love

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The other day I had an unexpected day off, so I took the girls out for donuts, trift store shopping, and a play date at the park. Hadiley is such a busy, curious, tough girl. She just wanted to run around and see EVERYTHING and boy, did she fall A LOT, but no tears. Rhemidy, of course, cried if a kid accidentally brushed against her on the way up the steps. (She is so much like me. hahaha) I love being able to just go and do things and look forward to the day when I no longer am doing daycare, and can take the kids out to explore whenever we feel inclined too! I am very excited that the weather is FINALLY starting to warm up, unfortunately it is spring here in the midwest, which means lots of rain is coming, but soon we will have warm and sunny days. We are ready to be out and burning off all this energy that has been bottled up since the first snow in OCTOBER. It has been a long 5 months.

This weekend was another nice weekend, so we had more park time, a little shopping for the house and boy, and PJ and I even had a date night! (which ended at a batting cage, which I have not hit a ball in a v.e.r.y. long time, so the first few pitches I was extremely stiff, but I did end up hitting a few, but I definitely felt it the next morning. My back and arms are killing me! haha)



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