A baby Boy

I still am in disbelief that we are having a BOY. I am very excited, and cannot wait to meet him and see what/who he looks like. I have been starting to get things prepared for him, even though we have quite a bit of time until he makes his entrance into the world. The hardest thing thus far is picking out the perfect name. But I am sure it will come to us by the time he arrives. 🙂







IMG_6046 IMG_6055 IMG_6090 IMG_6091
21 weeks, 3 days. (they moved my due date 2 days sooner)



2 thoughts on “A baby Boy

  1. I’m so very excited for you! A boy!! Whoooo-hoooo! My husband is now convinced we are having a boy too since both our 7 week ultrasounds had the exact heartbeat count! Excited to be doing this at the same time as you, since I’ve loved following your blog this past year and watching your beautiful girls grow! So very happy for you Brittney! Congratulations! And by the way, you look fabulous – like happiness is bursting from within!

    • Thank you! I love watching my belly grow, I know many people feel like they are just turning into whales, but I think pregnancy bellies are beautiful! I am so happy mine is starting to look more round, and less squishy and fat haha

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