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1. Rhem woke up very happy today, knowing that after 2 weeks that seemed like months, daddy is home. And he brought her new Army pajamas.
2. Hadiley also got new pajamas, she also seems to think that brothers car seat is a toy for her…
3. Baby #3. Boy. 29 weeks. 5 days. Feeling pretty awesome, just outrageously tired all. the. time.



29 weeks

Today baby boy is 29 weeks. 11 more weeks to go! He is about the size of an acorn squash in my belly. (15.2-16.7 inches in length, 2.5-3.8 pounds)

Last check up was on Friday, His heart rate was 150. He is my little ninja baby, constantly on the move. Big Sis Rhem is getting very excited for his arrival, constantly asking when baby brother will be here, and informing me she really wants to hold him. 🙂 Big Sis Hadiley likes to play the drums on my belly, points and says “baby,” and likes to smell my belly. (She saw Rhem kiss it, and she thought she was sniffing it, so now Hadiley smells it and cracks up laughing.)

So far I have his diaper bag prepared, washed all the cloth diapers last night, and have been looking up ideas for newborn pictures. Still wanting to get a mini crib for him (we currently have our bedroom in the upstairs, fitting our king size bed, with our regular size crib side carted. However we are finishing up the house and plan to move our bedroom downstairs in before he gets here and the bedroom down stairs is a LOT smaller and we would not be able to fit a regular crib AND our king size bed in there, especially add in a dresser and rocking chair) and we either need to get our old car seat out of the garage and get it cleaned up, or look into buying a new car seat. I will wait another 6 weeks before I start packing my hospital bag.

So far this pregnancy has been fantastic. Very little morning sickness, I get heartburn, but not every day like with Hadiley. I had bad headaches the first two trimesters, but none so far in the third.

I am so excited to meet you, baby boy! Just 2 more months and a week or two. 🙂

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1.Rhem. My little bunny, constantly jumping around and off of things.
2.Hadiley loves outdoors and following her sister around. She saw Rhem was picking flowers, so she decided to pick me some, too. 🙂
3. Baby number 3. Boy. 28 weeks 4 days. THIRD TRIMESTER! Super active. I feel huge, although was happy to find a pair of short I bought before this baby still fit 🙂 although it isn’t all that comfortable.




1. Rhem is growing up. She now dresses herself almost everyday, picking out her own clothes and all. It brings me so much joy to watch her turn into a little lady, but at the same time, I miss my baby. She really is the most amazing big sister I have ever met. So nurturing and loving.
2.) My sweet Hadiley has been testing limits lately. Throwing HUGE tantrums during nap and bed time, running off every moment she gets, and just causing pure trouble. But then she shows me that sweet little smile, and lets out a little baby giggle. I am in trouble with this blue eyed beauty.
3.) Baby #3. Baby Boy. 27 Weeks. 4 days. I am almost done with the 2nd trimester! I cannot wait to meet this very energetic little ninja I have baking in my belly. I am so interested to see who he looks like! Will he have Brown eyes like mommy and Rhemi? Or Blue eyes like Hadi? Or maybe green eyes like daddy and his grandparents? Soon we shall see 🙂

Beautiful weather creates Joyfilled days

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Last week we had wonderful weather, so we spent a lot of time outside and at parks. I even was able to get Rhem’s kite out that she got for Easter, and she did an awesome job flying it by herself. This week we are due for some cooler weather and thunder storms, which has caused us to stay inside. We also are currently getting work done on the main level of our house, so I am stuck up stairs with my two kids, plus the two daycare kids. I now know what it would be like to live in a single bedroom apartment with 4 kids. AH. 🙂


Sweet baby niece

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My sister had her 3rd little girl a couple weeks ago. She is so perfect, and looks so much like her mama. I was lucky enough to get some cuddle time in a few days after she was born, and she even let me get a few quick pictures of her 🙂

My internet had been down for the last week, so I wasn’t able to post for the 52 project, so now there will be a weeks gap in pictures, oh well. I also had planned to (finally) start a weekly pregnancy update, but haven’t had a chance to get to it. I am excited I just turned 27 weeks over the weekend, so I am in the last week of the second trimester! Yay! Only 13 (or knowing my babies, 14) weeks to go! I cannot wait to meet this little man who is so active in my belly. 🙂


Weekend fun

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This last weekend daddy was away for military training, however, I still wanted to get out with the girls. We headed out to the summer opening of our Farmers Market and got some delicious treats! The girls just wanted to play in the gorgeous weather, so we quickly left because it was so PACKED and headed over to my moms so the girls could play with their cousins. Of course, my mom loved having her FIVE granddaughters over to play. I am excited to mix it up this fall when we add her first grandSON. 🙂



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1. Rhemidy loves books. She loves to have people read them, she loves to “read” them herself, and she LOVES to “read” them to her sister. I love her excitement for knowledge, and prays it continues to grow and that I am able to provide her with all the lessons, books, and knowledge I can give, plus more.
2. Oh Hadiley, my crazy child. Her insane amount of energy seems to be paying off because she is having awesome naps every day now so I am very thankful for that! Now if only she could start going to bed at 9:30 again instead of staying up till 10:30/11 every night…
3. Baby #3. Boy. 25 weeks. 4 days. He is growing increasingly active and I love it!