One month later…

A month has passed since my sweet little Oliver was born. He is finally fitting in 0-3 month onesies, yet still swims in the 0-3 month pants. His head and belly seem to grow, while his chicken legs stay ity bity. haha. 🙂 His hair is a light, light brown. His eyes are blue, but some days appear like a dark gray. Today, for the first time, he smiled at me while I was talking to him. (Usually he only smiles in his sleep.) He nurses like a champ, still two small to fit in the cloth diapers, but I give it another month and he’ll be ready. He is very alert, loves to hold his head up and look around. Loves tummy time. (I never did tummy time with Hadiley, because I babywore her so much, and she HATED being on the floor on her stomach, but Ollie LOVES to lay on the floor. Odd child. lol)

The girls have adjusted wonderfully to having a baby brother. We have started preschool (homeschool style) with Rhemidy (And sometimes Hadiley joins in) and they go to bible school on Thursday mornings, and on monday nights Rhemidy has started doing tumbling at a local YMCA. We are busy busy around this house, but I love it. These kids can drive me crazy, deprive me of sleep, but they are my world. I am so blessed to be these littles mom and enjoy watching them grow and learn everyday.

I plan to update again SOON with pictures of our set up for homeschooling, but first I need to clean and organize the area. Ha! but until then, here are pictures of my sweet, little arrows. 🙂