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1. Rhem. My girly girl who insists on wearing a dress every. single. day. yet informs me she wants to be spiderman for Halloween and wants a little monster (what ever that means) birthday party next year. This girl is filled with surprises 🙂
2. Hadiley has decided that she needs to sit ON the table for ALL of her meals -_-
3. Baby #3. Boy.  33 weeks. 4 days. Kicking champ. My belly is continuing to grow, how that is possible, I have no idea 🙂 only 7 more weeks. I am so excited to love on this child.




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1. Rhem loves being a big sister. This Sunday we attended a new church, and for the first time Rhem and Hadiley had to be put in different nursery. I was a bit worried how both would do, but after the morning at church, followed by the picnic/lunch with the congregation, Rhem got in the car and said, “Daddy, I made new friends today!” 🙂 Does a mama’s heart good to see her girl being social and making new friends. Especially since in less than 2 months I will be done with daycare, at least for a while, so she no longer will be seeing her friends everyday that she has know her whole life thus far.

2. Hadiley seems like she might be more tom boy than Rhem. She loves to play Barbies, but her favorite is Ken. She loves to play dress up, but skips the dresses and goes straight for the batman cape. Whenever at a store the ONLY toy she wants is some kind of ball. I love the differences in their personalities, yet they are still best of friends. I pray they always are.

3. Baby #3. Boy. 32 weeks, 4 days. I feel HUGE. His favorite time to move is early in the morning and in the middle of the night. He seems to be growing great and healthy as can be. Cannot wait to meet you in less than 2 months!

**these pictures were taken on Thursday for my weekly update, buuuut I never found the time. So here it is, late. lol***”



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1. Rhem woke up very happy today, knowing that after 2 weeks that seemed like months, daddy is home. And he brought her new Army pajamas.
2. Hadiley also got new pajamas, she also seems to think that brothers car seat is a toy for her…
3. Baby #3. Boy. 29 weeks. 5 days. Feeling pretty awesome, just outrageously tired all. the. time.




1.Rhem. My little bunny, constantly jumping around and off of things.
2.Hadiley loves outdoors and following her sister around. She saw Rhem was picking flowers, so she decided to pick me some, too. 🙂
3. Baby number 3. Boy. 28 weeks 4 days. THIRD TRIMESTER! Super active. I feel huge, although was happy to find a pair of short I bought before this baby still fit 🙂 although it isn’t all that comfortable.




1. Rhem is growing up. She now dresses herself almost everyday, picking out her own clothes and all. It brings me so much joy to watch her turn into a little lady, but at the same time, I miss my baby. She really is the most amazing big sister I have ever met. So nurturing and loving.
2.) My sweet Hadiley has been testing limits lately. Throwing HUGE tantrums during nap and bed time, running off every moment she gets, and just causing pure trouble. But then she shows me that sweet little smile, and lets out a little baby giggle. I am in trouble with this blue eyed beauty.
3.) Baby #3. Baby Boy. 27 Weeks. 4 days. I am almost done with the 2nd trimester! I cannot wait to meet this very energetic little ninja I have baking in my belly. I am so interested to see who he looks like! Will he have Brown eyes like mommy and Rhemi? Or Blue eyes like Hadi? Or maybe green eyes like daddy and his grandparents? Soon we shall see 🙂


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1. Rhemidy loves books. She loves to have people read them, she loves to “read” them herself, and she LOVES to “read” them to her sister. I love her excitement for knowledge, and prays it continues to grow and that I am able to provide her with all the lessons, books, and knowledge I can give, plus more.
2. Oh Hadiley, my crazy child. Her insane amount of energy seems to be paying off because she is having awesome naps every day now so I am very thankful for that! Now if only she could start going to bed at 9:30 again instead of staying up till 10:30/11 every night…
3. Baby #3. Boy. 25 weeks. 4 days. He is growing increasingly active and I love it!




1. Rhem taking a nice long nap on Daddy.
2. Hadiley partied all night at a friends wedding.
3. Baby # 3. Boy. 24 weeks. 4 days. (taken on Thursday 4/24)

*this post was suppose to be posted last Thursday, however time slipped away with the projects in our house, a sick Hadiley on Wednesday, My sister giving birth on Friday, a Wedding this weekend, and a trip to Iowa City for a birthday party yesterday. Busy Busy Busy. I will probably be doing lots of updates this week, with pictures from Easter, pictures of my newest niece, and a pregnancy update. 🙂



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1.Rhemi has been wearing a princess dress everyday this week, and today NEEDED to paint in her princess Rapunzel book sh got for her birthday.
2. Hadiley has been taking naps AWESOMELY lately. I usually still have to lay down with her to get her to go down, but there is much less of a fight, and she is taking at least an hour nap which is glorious!

3. Baby #3. Boy. 23 weeks. 4 days. He finally has a NAME!!! although, we aren’t sharing his name until his birth. 🙂

I had planned to do an update this week with my baby’s progress, however my hubby seems to have the stomach flu, so I have been crazy busy keeping the girls away from dad, cooking and cleaning, and disinfecting this house. Hopefully next week I can start doing weekly updates of baby’s growth with a profile picture of the bump 🙂



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1. My silly girl Rhem dressed herself this morning. She kept referring to this dress, as her “Birthday Dress.” Umm your birthday was a few days ago, and that is actually an old 24m dress you’re wearing, but sure hunny, it is your Birthday dress… 🙂
2. My bright eyed girl Hadiley has her bottom molar teeth coming in, however, besides keeping me up last night, she has been in a pretty silly mood.
3. Baby #3. Boy. 22 weeks. 4 days


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1. My sweet Rhem has been talking all weekend about her birthday week that starts tomorrow. I cannot believe she is turning three already.
2. Miss Hadiley has gotten AWESOME at signing and saying “Eeeeeese” (please); she signed please about 10 times (and clapped for herself after each time) for this single piece of cheese. She cracks me up.
3. Baby #3. Sweet baby boy is 22 weeks today.