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1.On the last day of June we celebrated the 1st birthday of our friend’s son, Killian.
2. At Killian’s birthday
Rhem became besties with Killian’s cousin Kendell.
3.Hadi is almost always being worn. The Moby and Ring Sling are her favorites, but mommy loves her Mei Tai
4. We have been spending a LOT of time at parks. Rhem is getting awesome at climbing on weird (dangerous) stairs.
5. But, of course, her favorite thing at the parks is the swings!

We have a fun weekend ahead of us, with dinner on a boat tonight, a wedding tomorrow, and Nena’s house on Sunday. We have also been taking lots of walks/runs and My husband and I have been replacing our lunches with protien shakes and I am down 5lbs in one week. Woo. Hoping to keep it up and keep shredding this baby weight!

love. brittney



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1.We went to a baseball game last friday. Rhem had a blast!
2. Mother Nature is making up for our lack of rain last year. In other words, our back yard (as well as down town) is flooded.
3. I put Hadi in my cousin’s jumperoo so I could grab some food, Oh my gosh. She LOVED it. May need to get her one now.
4.Last night I made some delicious burritos. Tortilla with chicken, corn, tomatoes, garlic, pinto beans, spinach, brown rice, and a little bit of cheese. Mmm.
5. Love this one of Rhem. She was putting head bands on then saying, “Mommy, CHEEEEESE!” and kept wanting me to take her picture. haha love her!

Well my computer has decided to call it quits. Now having to us PJ’s computer, which I am still getting use to. (I hate windows 8) Since my photo editing software is only on my computer, I decided to download a trial of photoshop elements and I LOVE it. Sigh. Time to start saving money so I can buy it once this trial month is up. 🙂



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1. Seriously, she is always so happy!
2.The hair. The rolls. The Cheeks. How can you not love? haha
3. This bush just bloomed these beautiful flowers. Rhem loves going and smelling them.
4. The kids loved chasing this butterfly all around! Rhem even got a chance to hold it!
5. Mommy and Daddy had a movie night, while Rhem had her own little movie night with Curious George!
6. PJ was telling me what he imagined pregnancy to be like. haha
7. We took Rhem to get some Whitey’s ice cream.She loved it!
8. Hadiley enjoyed the outdoors while we enjoyed the ice cream!


a day late, but here is fragments!
IMG_2246d IMG_2320 IMG_2373b IMG_2426 IMG_2442 IMG_2460 IMG_2471 IMG_2513 IMG_2520 IMG_2560 IMG_2613
1. For a mother’s day gift I gave my mom some updated framed pictures of her grandbabies. Rhem finally allowed me to take some pictures and she smiled for me!
2. Hadi turned 3 months old.
3. I got some adorable pictures of my niece, also.
4. Rhem was so excited to finally see daddy!
5. I made another cake & cupcakes for my sisters baby shower! (due in a little over a week)
6. Rhem loves exploring our big back yard!
7. My mom has been bringing over healthy smoothies in the morning, and Rhem really enjoys them along with me!
8. Our yard is FILLED with dandelions.
9. Hadi loves out side, especially when being worn.
10. Rhem had a fall and hit her forehead on her play chair. poor babes.
11. I have been crafting away, this is my favorite. A dream catcher head band!

Now I must got, I hear a toddler screaming that needs a time out! and smell some diapers that need to be changed. oh the joys of watch 5 kids under 4.


When daddy is away…

…Mom will accomplish nothing.

Ahh. This past week my husband has been gone for some military schooling. Leaving me with my our two kids, and me running the daycare. I am exhausted. Right now the girls are napping, so I am having some time to myself watching “Silver lining playbook” and blogging.

I think I will just have this be a belated fragments, since I have a lot of cleaning that needs to be done! Hopefully next week I can start getting back into daily blogging!

IMG_1149 IMG_1247b IMG_1301 IMG_1340 IMG_1343 IMG_1364 IMG_1546 IMG_1628 IMG_1724d IMG_1746c
1.Hadi loves to sit up.
2.The weather was amazing last week and we spent much of the week outside playing.
3.My cousin gave birth to a sweet little boy named Aiden.
4.Rhem LOVES getting into my make up. That is Mascara on her eye and concealer on her lips! haha!

5.I made a cake for my sisters baby shower. She will be having a girl at the end of this month!
6.Rhemidy absolutely loves her cousin Leona.
7.Rhem has learned to go up the big rock wall latter on our playground in the backyard.
8.Hadi loves outdoors as well, but constantly wants to be held!
9.I tried to do Rhem’s 2 year photo shoot, but she just was not having it that day, but I did get a couple cute pictures!

10. Hadi is such a sweet, content baby. Ahh so blessed.

alright, while photos uploaded both girls woke up. Boo for short naps. Back to taking care of these crazy kiddos. 🙂

love. brittney


IMG_0398 IMG_0629bIMG_0917 IMG_0955IMG_0935

IMG_1043 IMG_1062

1.Rhemidy wanted to watch “Monkey George” (Curious George) so we put him on the lap top for her to watch, then we sat Hadi in her bumbo and placed her next to Rhem. Rhemidy thought it was so funny, then told Hadi all about George and could not stop smiling. Love watching them bond!
2.On Saturday morning I took some photos of a family I absolutely adore.
They are expecting baby number 3 in a matter of weeks! So exciting and I am hoping she has a girl! 🙂
3.On Saturday evening we celebrated my B-I-L birthday! My husband insisted that I make his cake princess theme. 🙂
4. On Sunday we went to Iowa City to celebrate our friend’s son 3rd birthday!
5. We also got to finally meet our friends daughter, Stella. She was born 19 hours before Hadiley. 🙂
6. We have been getting back into preschool time, and Rhem loves to stand in front of her friends and attempt to sing her ABC’s.
7.Such a happy baby! Ahhh!
8. Last night we had our friends for dinner and Rhem had miss Ryleigh to play with!

I am now in the process of spring cleaning, getting things ready for family babyshowers, and getting excited to meet my cousins little boy she had last night!



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1. She gets more and more beautiful every day.
2. A new way to mop, Rhem blows bubbles all over, and I mop it up! haha
3. Hadi is getting so big, already 13.5 pounds, and loves her hands.
4.Rhem decided that she didn’t want a shirt today, instead she wanted to wear her Little People mat as a dress.

Things I am planning:
1. Tomorrow I am going back to the doctors and hopefully will be figuring out this whole pp bleeding that is STILL going on. (yesterday marked 10 weeks) Once the bleeding finally stops, I will hopefully not feel so exhausted and be able to start working out again!
2. On monday we will be starting back up with preschool with some fun activities and new books.
We will focus on the letters “R” and “U” for april, and talking about Rain, Rainbows, and Umbrellas. April’s color is Purple, shape is Circle, and Number is One.
3. This weekend I have a photoshoot, a birthday grill out for my BIL, and a birthday party for our friends little boy! Hopefully I can fit in doing a 2 year photoshoot with Rhem, as well.
4. We are still working on our bathroom. We have a picture to hang, finding something for the wall next to the toilet, a few small decorations for some shelves, fix the door, and put up trim. The major parts are all done, just these last few things will hopefully be done soon. After the bathroom is finished, the hallway outside of the bathroom needs major help. We ripped up some ugly wood panaling to find dirty walls that also has some holes. AFTER the hall way, we then have the office room. That room has dry wall up, but it needs to be mudded, painted, flooring needs to be put in, then some shelving and decorations. Oh and the celing needs a paint job. :/ but after all of those, I can give the play room a face lift… which ill involve putting up a wall where a door use to me, mudding the whole room, and re painting it a pretty light blue! I would then like to get rid of abundance of toys, add a little place to read, and make it more into a library with 3 bins of toys… instead of 16 bins of toys lol. THEN we can repaint our living room & fix up our kitchen. Then, our main level will finally be done and wonderful… then we move upstairs. haha.


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1.Teaching Rhem how to separate her colors as well as learn which color is which. So far she has yellow, pink, and blue down!
2. My happy Hadi on Easter Sunday. She is such a happy baby!
My sweet little Rhem on Easter Sunday. Such an energetic, silly girl!
4. Little Miss Hadi is always wanting to suck on her fingers, and refuses to take a binkie! But goodness, she sure is adorable!

I am trying to get back in the rhythm of writing in here daily. I want to come up with a theme for each day… such as on Thursdays I will write a “fragments” entry that will have a few pictures, with a little description of things that have gone on so far in the week. As well as a list of things I am hoping to start accomplishing. I need more ideas of themes for the weeks. After reading over some blogs, I have seen one where they write each week about things that have brought smiles to their face in the middle of the chaos. I also think I will do a day a week where I post a recipe to a dinner or dessert I make. I need more ideas!

Things on my mind I am hoping to accomplish in the near future:
1. I would like to begin crafting items that I can turn around and sell. I just cannot decided if I want to do like hair accessories, scarfs, toddler dresses, blankets, little plush dolls, or what.
2. I want to get my Agape Ministries starting back up, and focusing on Ding Dong Giving, an organization that provides a laundry basket filled with items such as books, food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and clothing items that are left on the porch of people in need with just a little note wishing them blessings. I want to make new (and improved) shirts supporting that organization.
3.I would love to start blogging more about parenting, crafting, fashion, or what have you, and find sponsors and hopefully collect an income on my blogging.
4. I would eventually love to do giveaways. Rather it be items that I create (refer to number 1), a free tshirt supporting Agape and/or Ding Dong Giving (refer to number 2), an item from a sponsor, or items that I come along that I think are awesome to help with baking/cooking/parenting/everyday life and want to share with you guys!

peace & joy