Easter Weekend

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A belated post from our Easter Weekend.
On Saturday we celebrated the girls, Uncle Micheal’s 30th birthday. Both girls even got a chance at the pinata, although Rhemidy was really confused at why she had to wear a blind fold. haha.
On Easter Sunday, the girls woke up to Baskets with some fun outdoor toys (no candy, I know, I am that mom. lol) and snacks. They had donuts and fruit for breakfast before heading out to church in the dresses that Rhem had picked out. After church we headed to my grandparents house for a DELICIOUS linner. (you know, that meal that is at 3 in the afternoon… what is this, lunch? dinner? I have no idea, but I love it! Especially when there are leftovers for a late night snack ๐Ÿ™‚ ) The girls were excited to hangout with their Nana and Papa as well as their cousins. They had an Easter egg hunt (so don’t worry, my children DID get to have some candy that day!) and had another Easter basket from their Nana and Papa. We kept trying to explain Easter to Rhemidy, but she often seemed to think that maybe it was Christmas. Over all it was a wonderful Easter weekend, although, due to the sickness that was in our house the week leading up, we never got to color eggs, but there is always next year! ๐Ÿ™‚



Let’s get Tangled up in fun

Rhemidy celebrated her 3rd birthday this past weekend. Her theme was Rapunzel. She had a blast, and we were blessed with many family and friends coming by to celebrate, however, due to having so many people, I forgot to get many pictures. But that is not important, because Rhem had a blast and loved having everyone there! Thank you all who came to celebrate and blessed our girl with some more princess (and hello kitty, my little pony, and minnie mouse) toys and accessories and new clothes ๐Ÿ™‚

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Rhemidy is 3!

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We celebrated My sweet Rhemidy turning 3 the other day. We started off her birthday with her room filled with 70 pink, white, and purple balloons. (which she thought was awesome. Her exact words were, “Oh mom! I love these balloons!” ๐Ÿ™‚ ) We had donuts for breakfast (thanks to Jess who brought them over to share with the kiddos) Birthday Cake Oreo’s for snack. She picked Mac N Cheese with Peas for lunch. After all (FIVE) daycare kids went home that day, we headed out to Monkey Joes for the girls to play. They Had A Blast. (I was annoyed at first, because apparently, UNLESS you rent a birthday party room, you are NOT allowed to bring in presents. DUMB. so then I refused to buy their average tasting, $15 cheese pizza. lol) After an hour and a half of running, jumping, sliding, and playing we headed out to Pizza Ranch for dinner. (She said she wanted Pizza for dinner and we wanted somewhere that would sing to her) She, of course, ate 3 bits of her cheesy bread sticks and decided she wasn’t very hungry. Her sister on the other hand had 2 pieces of pizza, 2 cheesy bread sticks, corn, and 2 blueberry dessert pizza. Haha. After we were done eating, she opened her presents, Some clothes (that I bought used, 5 pairs of shorts, 2 shirts, and 3 dresses for $4! yay for being thrifty!) and a Scentsy Frog (again, used for $3.. still had its tags on it and everything!) AND a My First Princess Aurora Doll. (a find at Once Upon A Child for $3. Woot!) She loved all her gifts. We then let her have ice cream and some blueberry dessert pizza (unfortunately due to me having a 7 kids, instead of the typical 4, on her birthday I did not have time to bake a cake) and while she was eating a big group of kids (who were helping work that night to raise money for their camp) came out to sing for her. She was so embarrassed/uncomfortable that she just sat there and ate her ice cream as if no one was around her. I couldย  not help but laugh. (considering moments before they came over, Rhem informed us that everyone needed to sing “Happy Birthday to Rhemidy.” I was also relieved that she didn’t cry, like she did when all her friends/family sang at her second birthday party)

Over all it was a great day, and she was very excited to tell her friends about it the next morning. Her party with friends and family is this weekend, although I cannot decide if we should keep it on Sunday (there is a chance of rain) or move it to Saturday which is suppose to be clear and in the 70’s (but then some friends won’t be able to make it) decisions, decisions. ๐Ÿ™‚

oh… MY BABY IS 3! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Time seems to be flying bye.

**you can find her reaction to them singing Happy Birthday on my Instagram account: Arrowsandbows127


Early Easter Egg Hunt

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On Saturday my church did an Easter Egg Hunt and cookie decorating. The girls had a blast, although Hadiley didn’t quite understand the concept. All she wanted to do was hold two eggs at all times, and then when I started helping her, she continued to take eggs out of her own basket and put themย  back on the ground. Eventually she got it. Rhem was so excited to open all her eggs up to see all the awesome treats, which I quickly had to hide once we got home. ๐Ÿ™‚


St. PADDY’s day and warm weather

Well apparently us Americans have been saying St. Patty’s day, but really if we are going to shorten it, it is suppose to be St. Paddy’s day. (because Patty is short from Patrica and Paddy is short for Patrick, who knew!? ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Anyways, since all the St. Patrick’s day festivities were over the weekend, I completely forgot that Monday was actually St. Patrick’s day, so I quickly pulled out some things green for crafts with the kids, I made some green popcorn balls for snack, and i made delicious asparagus to add bright green to our dinner. (I thought about making green eggs, but I know Rhem would not touch it if they were green, so I opt out of that lol)

We also have been enjoying some nice weather the last few days, causing snow to melt away and the ground to dry up (well in some places) allowing kids time to go out and play. It has been WONDERFUL. Unfortantly today is another chilly day, with light rain/snow in the air, but the next two days will be in the mid-high 50’s! YAY (this is glorious news for us midwesters that have been stuck in a very cold, snowy winter!)

Hadiley is LOVING the outdoors, since she has got a glimpse of life outside, she now stands at the window whining and longing for running around in the grass and going on walks. I cannot wait until the winter is far behind us and for summer’s hot days and playing in the water surround us. It will come. I must believe this. (although another chance of snow on Monday takes a little of that hope away. Sigh. )

In other news. SIX days until we find out if our new little arrow will rock a BOW in her hair, or a BOW-TIE on his neck. ๐Ÿ™‚

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First Birthday

Well earlier this month, my sweet little baby turned a year old. Wow time sure has flown by. We celebrated with some close friends and family, who blessed us with new clothes and books and toys. Her party theme was cupcakes and tea party. She had a wonderful time, although she was glued to mom for most of it!

A year old, and miss Hadiley can…
Walk like a champ.
Say “Mama” “Dada” “Dat?” “Daa!” (dog)
She waves goodbye.
She signs “please.”
She gives high fives.
She claps.
She dances.
She climbs up AND down the stairs.
She climbs on EVERYTHING.
She gives Mom, Dad, and Sister sloppy, mouth open, tongue out, kisses on our noses. (strange girl. lol)
She has 8 teeth.
She eats EVERYTHING and has no food allergies! (Thank you God!)
The first two months of breastfeeding were definitely hard, as has the last 3 months, seeing that I am pregnant. but we made it and I am so proud. Now I am trying to wean, due to it being painful while being pregnant, but that isn’t going so well lol We will have one day where she only nurses once, and then we will have days she wants to nurse every 2 hours :/ But we will get there! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Happy Veterans Day

ย IMG_0819-2
My husband in Afghanistan in 2011.1469897_10201699747753523_464841388_n
My Husband, Me, and Rhem at his Coming Home Ceremony.

Happy Veterans Day to all our awesome men and women who serve in our military. (as well as all the past military men and women) I am blessed with a Grandpa, Uncle, and Step-brother who have all served in the Marines. As well as marry a man who him, and 2 of his brothers serves in the Army. And my Father-in-law was in the Air force.

On another note, miss Hadiley turned NINE months last week. Where has time gone? She is almost walking, eating real food, and is into EVERYTHING. I love my chucky, little blue eyed girl!


Belated Halloween

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Well this is a couple weeks late, but they always say, “better late than never!” right?!

Well our pumpkins this year: Pj’s- A tree with a creepy face. Mine- two arrows. Rhem- Hello Kitty. Hadi- decorated with black marker by Rhem lol

I have made Rhem’s costume every year thus far. I usually pick what she will be. For her 1st Halloween she was Princess Belle. For her 2nd Halloween she was Little Red Riding Hood. This year she told me, “Mom, I want to be Dora!” to later say, “Mom, I want to be a princess!” which I replied with, “I thought you wanted to be Dora?” then she finally decided, “I want to be a Dora Princess!!!!!”
So I made her a Princess dress in the colors of Hot Pink and Orange like Dora wears. I also made her a little crown and a purple Backpack as her trick or treat bag. And since Rhem was Dora, it only made sense for Hadi to be Boots. I had a blast making these outfits and can’t wait to see what we come up with next year! (unfortunately it was very rainy on Halloween night, so we didn’t spend much time outside trick or treating, but the girls still had a blast!)

On Halloween day we also made little treat bags with the kids footprints painted to look like candy corn. ๐Ÿ™‚


A dream come true

First. So sorry, I have been gone for nearly 2 months. I have been so busy with the hustle of summer and we still don’t have our Wifi fixed so I haven’t spent much time at the computer, definitely not enough to update. But summer has come to an end and I have so much to catch up on. So I will hopefully be able to get back in the rhythm of updating daily. (or at least weekly lol)

Yesterday, one of my dreams came true. I met a family that has been a a huge inspiration to me and insight in how I want to raise my children. That family is The Duggars, from TLC’s show 19 kids and counting. I had gotten up Monday morning after a long weekend visiting friends who live 3 hours away. I was checking my facebook when one of my friends posted that she was excited to see the duggars at an event taking place near her house. I immediately needed all the details. Long story short, I raced to get ready and loaded my family back in the car for an hour and 45 minute trip. I got to meet Michelle and Jim Bob as well as watch their kids play some music. Michelle and Jim Bob also talked about raising kids after God’s own heart, and how they manage to have 19 kids. The are such a sweet, amazing family. I hope that I get to see them again in the near future!

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“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” -Romans 8:28